Kristin Blue Zip Tote - Available from JAX?

Mar 2, 2010
I couldn't find the Kristin Blue Zip Tote on anymore does that mean I can't order it from JAX? Am in love with this bag but there are so far and few coming out to the outlet and so will fork over the bucks to get it before its gone...



May 2, 2006
You might want to try ordering the bag from the outlet through their system in person but call first to see if they can do this for you. I was looking for the same bag in brown forever and finally a manager at an outlet offered to order the bag for me through their find system from their online store at 30% off (which would be the outlet price). I think they can only do that since the bag has gone to the outlets. I forget what this process is's not when they order it from another outlet but they order from Coach online store. Hope this helps!