kristin bag at outlets??

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  1. hey guys! i NEED a kristin bag, any color really. i love em all. but, have they every popped up at an outlet?? there are none on ebay for a good deal (almost FP) and i've never gotten a PCE because all my purchases but one have been at the outlet. lmk if you guys have seen one and at what outlet so i can call and get a charge send :smile:
  2. i got my coral kristin flap at the outlet for $250 down from $450.
    they only had one coral and one ivy.
  3. Gaffney had one black flap on Friday. It was a little too pricy and not enough purse (for the price) for me.
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    The Aurora IL outlet has had a few Kristin Darcy clutches and shoulder bags at 50% off clearance plus the 20% coupon. I've seen the layed op art, the embossed silver op art and the colorblock:

    :confused1: we do not allow links to fakes here, please don't post links like this on tPF again.
  5. I also saw a taupe/brown one there yesterday. I agree, still way too pricey for me.
  6. what kind of kristen bag are you looking for? A tote, a clutch, a satchel?
  7. the tote. i've loved it for so long but i just can't spend $600 on a bag :sad:
  8. i've been eying on the kristin tote too...waiting for a pce, i heard there is one coming around march. i've sold some of my unused purses to fund for it :smile:
  9. i've never gotten a PCE. makes me sad. prob cause i don't buy at FP is why. blah
  10. Macys(larger one, in city) had some totes, 30% off. Can try calling macys with the style number.
  11. last time i received 2 pce's and did not even get to use it. just in case i get 2 again, i will send 1 for u. will see.
  12. I saw the pretty green Kristen tote on sale at Nordstrom yesterday in San Diego. I'm pretty sure the sale price was $398. They only had one. Must have been a return.
  13. i would :heart: you forever if you did get an extra!
  14. I'm expecting to see Totes in the outlets shortly... but not before the coupons are over.
  15. Wow. That surprises me that some of that line is already hitting the outlets.