Kristie's small and eclectic Collection...

  1. Here is my small and very random collection....I am only 20 and a student so I hope to get much more in the future when I have my first *real* job!! :nuts:

    Some are missing from the photo (balenciaga red city (at LMB!!) and coach black nylon hobo and some random accessories...) , but these are the main things I use.

    1. Kate Spade cabo raffia beach tote
    2. vintage Burberry tote/sac plat.
    3. Banana Republic elephant keychain ( on burberry :heart: )
    4. Fendi zucca large chef
    5. Balenciaga naturale pony city
    6. Dooney and Bourke pink signature small buckle satchel
    7. Balenciaga naturale pony coin purse
    8. Balenciaga brown pebbled leather planet/boobie/pod..
    9. Louis Vuitton mono speedy 30
    10. Louis Vuitton panda cles (on speedy)
    11. Coach "k" charm (on speedy)
    12. Louis Vuitton red vernis reade pm
    13. Louis Vuitton mono mini pochette

    Thanks for looking!!

    :love: p.s. I love TPF soooo girls and guys are the **BEST!**:love:
  2. Lovely collection, I love the Reade PM!
  3. loooove it =)

  4. Gorgeous! Love the Fendi and LVs
  5. Lovely collection! thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  6. oh how cute is your little panda bear!
  7. i love your collection, you have great variety!!
  8. here are some other things:

    pic 1: My Fafi for Lesportsac collection: Weekender, flat pouch, and
    cosmetic case :heart: :heart:

    pic 2: closeup of the print

    pic 3: more this print .... :love:


    pic 4: Coach black nylon gallery mini skinny
    fafi1.jpg fafi2.jpg fafi3.jpg coach.jpg
  9. Lovely collection!
  10. Very nice :smile:
  11. great collection =)
  12. I love your Fendi Chef!
  13. Awesome collection!
  14. Gorgeous!!! The red vernis reade is stunning! Thanks for sharing
  15. love the burberry , the red vernis and the boobie!!! :smile: i want a boobie so bad (haha how weird does that sound) but yea! great collection! im a student too and i know what you mean i hope to expand when i have "real" jobs :smile: