Kristie.....for you!

  1. oh dear......I feel a purchase coming on.......

    :heart: D!! - you enabler, you!!
  2. Oooooh!!! It makes D feel better somehow lol!!! So pretty! I didn't realize this is a different site? Oops - my mistake - thought this was LZ...
  3. S., it's always the Boyz (as Shopmom calls them !) at LZ....!:yes:
  4. That scarf is gorgeous! it must be super rare!
    Go, Kristie, Go!
  5. Oh dear.......K, I just meant to give you a little eye-candy because of your avatar name! I ran across this last night while browsing for a scarf (couldn't find one....:oh: ). Now I know why you chose Grands Fonds!
  6. Wow, that's pretty!!! :nuts:
  7. Gorgeous!! Love the colors.
  8. One of my favourites!! I collect this pattern (I say this over and over - LOL!!) a bit of a thing for the fish patterns......I actually have this one, but in a bright blue, not the navy..........this is also my FAVOURITE plisse (the first one I bought!) in raspberry.

    WHen Vlad wanted to knw a new username for me, this was the scarf I was wearing - so Grands Fonds it was!.....BTW - I think it means "Great Depths".......but not pertaining to me - LOL!!