Kristi Yamaguchi & Her Daughter Keara Ice Skating @ The Rockefeller Center

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  1. Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi laces up and hits the rink at New York's Rockefeller Center with daughter Keara, 3, during an appearance Friday on the Today show

    [​IMG] :love:
  2. Her daughter is adorable!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sweet!
  4. aww thats relle cute! Looks like she had the whole iceskating rink huh? I was just there yesterday, it gets very very packed, I wonder hmm
  5. aw, so cute! :biggrin:
  6. that's so cute!
  7. That's so cute! I really do like Kristi, and her daughter is so pretty! :P
  8. Cute!!!
  9. Love it! Kristi Yamaguchi was one of my idols growing up!
  10. they are both tooo cute!
  11. ^^ ita :yes: her daughter is adorable
  12. Wasn't Kristi a beautiful skater? I love her. Her little girl is really cute, looking up at mommy.:love:
  13. Adorable!!!:heart:
  14. Soooo cute. Thank you for sharing. =)
  15. oh... thats so sweet