Kristen Stewart Thread

  1. ^ I feel the same. It actually makes me nauseous reading all of the celeb bashing. I understand not liking an actor or their clothing, but when I read people calling them "skanks" and "whores" that's when I exit. It's the character assassination that I'm opposed to. It's worse in the A.S. thread than in the R.P. thread.
  2. ^^Well there are a few that it actually applies to :lol: But yeah for the most part it's just people being snarky.

    What it must be like to live a life in the public eye...

  3. oh man, it's all over livejournal and a bunch of blogs i go to and it gets downright vicious! i try to steer away from it, i'm not into celeb hating, i'm of the thought that if you don't like someone, you just ignore them rather than saying some of the super mean things i've seen. it sucks!

    i agree, her style totally suits her. i like it, most of the time. sometimes...ehhh. but i guess that's normal. at least she wears what she wants :biggrin:
  4. MichelleAntonia I completely agree with your statements 100%. Everything you said I was thinking

    But here are my two cents:

    I love her for just being her. Yes, she sometimes does come off as ungrateful, etc. but I truly don't believe she is. I think she's the type of person to not let all the fame, etc. to get to her head.////I do have a few "personal" (if that's what you want to call them) stories about her when she was younger. As I stated in the RP thread, I recently found out that I went to middle school with this girl and my best friend now that i went to the same school with remembers her. She, apparently, used to be very bratty and tom-boy ish. She said that it seemed like she thought she was the sh*t since she was in the Panic Room, and nobody liked her for that. If you look it up, its the same school she talks about where everyone used to bully her. My friend's sister was actually her brother's friend and he used to tell her how bratty KS was, etc. Also a little fun fact, she once got her PE pants string stuck in her locker and she was throwing a hissy fit in the locker room so my friend got annoyed with her, told her "stfu, screaming isn't gonna get you out" and pulled her pants out of her locker. her response: "oh damn! thanks." LOL

    Now all this is basically just my little fun facts. Like I said, I like her a lot for being herself. I don't think she's an amazing actress, but I admire her for not conforming to the typical hollywood actress. But I can see why people may not like her. //(sorry for the extremely long rant)
  5. Oh, that's okay...I will admit your comment initially rubbed me the wrong way a bit, but I figured why dwell on it. That wouldn't help matters. Thank you for saying that. :yes:

    Hmmm, I'm a frequent contributor to the Rob thread, and I didn't think that thread had all THAT much KStew bashing. :shrugs: It comes and it goes; I never felt it was anything super serious, or perhaps my memory fails me. :p

    Personally, I will talk about her, but never just out of the blue. It'll be in response to someone posting a query about her, her rumored Rob relationship, or a photoshoot w/Rob. Most times, it'll be because I see tabloid sh*t about how she and Rob are having babies, eloping, KStew being jealous of Emilie, getting together...then breaking up, and all that nonsense. :rolleyes: That stuff just irritates the hell out of me. It's all nothing but lies/twisted words to sell their magazines.

    Oh, and you asked if they're officially dating. Well, it depends who you ask. The tabloids...yes. E!'s Ted Casablanca: yes. Rob: no. (according to a couple of articles floating around from RELIABLE sources, one of them being Vanity Fair). KStew: you're f*cked either way you answer. (btw, not a direct quote, but just the gist of what was printed in the EW preview). She also elaborates: We are a couple. We aren't. I'm a lesbian. If I was dating Taylor, I'd also tell you to f*ck off.

    So, I took that to mean that it's none of people's damn business, and that either way she answers, she's screwed. No one is going to be happy.
  6. Sorry, what's the A.S. thread? :sos:
  7. Oh, I see, that's why I don't see those types of "hater" comments you referenced; I don't have a livejournal account. I only visit Twilight moderated sites (where comments are moderated before posting), as well as a couple of Rob sites. :love: The anti-KStew posts don't have much to do w/the superficial stuff you posted I said, it's more "well thought out" types of replies.

    Forever I am... Those are interesting, funny tales you have there. LOL. I can picture KStew throwing quite the fit in the locker room. I would venture to say that she's still very much a tomboy (at least when it comes to her fashion dress code for day-to-day wear). Oh, and yes, I will add that I also think her brattiness has carried over to adulthood. :p
  8. Gonna keep this short...

    ..but in comparison to the young actresses / singers etc. out there (Lindsay Lohan, many)...

    ...she stands out...I mean, she's only 19 years old. She has been acting since she was a young girl, but I don't think she's even been around long enough to be considered the 'best' actress...but I think, she's damn good...

    While there are negatives and positives that can be attributed to any 'person' out there...I think she does a great job. I like her style and that she IS a bit awkward...and tom-boyish...

    I would say...for a 19 year-old...she's doing a great job;)...
  9. i think she has a natural charm and is gorgeous,great features!
  10. I stole this pic from the RP thread since her dress is fab!

  11. ITA, I really like her outfit here, esp her dress. I love the shoes as well. As I wrote in the RP thread I like how she manages to walk in such high heels even she always sports sneakers in everyday life.
  12. beautiful dress !!
  13. Alexander Skarsgard
  14. She does look beautiful in that dress. Thanks for posting (and stealing) :smile: