Kristen Stewart Thread

  1. I don't mind if you contribute, I like hearing an opposing viewpoint. It keeps the thread interesting, not just a fan thread.
  2. EXACTLY. If anything, you'd think we would all be able to relate to her more because of that.
  3. Thanks for all of the GORGEOUS pics, Kimalee!!
  4. ^My pleasure! :yes:
  5. I never heard of her before Twilight and I have only seen her in Twilight. I don't think her performance in Twilight was award winning. I have only read one interview of her and she didn't come off very nice.
  6. Thanks for the pics Kimalee! Go KS!!! I try to imagine being nineteen and filming a movie that you yourself wouldn't expect to be some mega-obsession. How would you maintain your dignity and not lose yourself from the all fame? I can't comprehend the pressure and stress that follows along, but I hope that she remains true. Loves her.
  7. Thanks girl. :flowers:

    My part re: "I assume since you asked for opinions re: her, that we could post negatives, too" was intended for the OP, I just forgot to add that portion in. Oops. :p And, I see now that the OP is all right w/having the thread be both positive and negative (which I suppose is how most of the tpf celeb threads are oriented...sometimes you like celebs' fashion choices, and other times you diss their style. Sometimes you like their movie roles, records, etc., but other times you just think it's not all that).
  8. I'm the OP, and since I didn't know ANYTHING about her, I did want the negatives as well as the positives. Thank you all for posting :ty:
  9. LOL girl, you're cute for putting that disclaimer in. :amuse:

    Hmmm...where are you going to see all the KStew hate? I guess I must visit different sites. From what I've seen, people usually have more legitimate or maybe that's not the best word...let's just say "well thought out explanations" about why they're not into her.

    I agree that those are petty, juvenile reasons to hate on her. Her fashion sense isn't what I'm into personally, but it suits her (if that makes sense).

  10. Sorry girl, I knew your username started off as "till", but I couldn't remember the rest so I just used the informal, "OP" title. Now that I know...ahem, Tillie46!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your reaffirmation of the intent of this thread. :woot:
  11. I like her. She's beautiful, and seems totally down to earth and very real. I also like how she portrayed Bella in Twilight. In the books, it is supposed to be really difficult talking to Edward because he "dazzles" all the humans. I think that maybe that was her way of being "dazzled" and of course awkward since it is high school love.
  12. ^I agree. She was perfectly cast as Bella.
  13. Girl, you're completely right. I'm sorry if you thought I was trying to control this thread.
    Of course, every celeb thread has negatives as well as positives. But there is a lot of KStew bashing in the RP thread (it's kind of why I don't go in there anymore). If people thought I was trying to keep every post positive in here, I wasn't...obviously, not everyone likes every celebrity out there. We're all free to voice our opinions. I just meant that it would completely suck if all the KStew negatives from the RP thread were reposted in this one. It just seems a little redundant.
  14. ^^ They probably will be posted in here eventually. lol

    Are she and RP dating? I keep hearing different stories.

    I like her little "sneer" in most of her red carpet pics. I just try and imagine the stuff she's thinking. I have kind of a dark humor so it gets quite amusing for me sometimes. :lol:
  15. ^I know, but I was trying to keep it fun and lighthearted for as long as possible lol. It makes me sad when we go on and on bashing celebrities.

    I'd also like to know if they are actually dating. I keep seeing it in the tabloids and the market, but is it official?