Kristen Stewart Thread

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  2. Wouldn't surprise me!
  3. This "insider" is a freak whether s/he's lying or not -way too invested in other people's lives. That said, I don't think many Hwood romantic relationships are conventional ones, esp. if one/both partners are uber-famous. I also don't like KS's outfit for this mag shoot.
  4. I think that article is FoS!
  5. I completely agree!
  6. Why is everyone so quick to dismiss the article or his cheating? He is young, world famous, women throwing themselves at him. Their relationship was good for business, their images, the movie franchise. I wonder why the media opted to throw her under the bus rather than him first?
  7. Probably because they had photos "proof" of her's, not his....yet?
  8. I don't like her. She makes it too easy.
  9. omg thats great!:biggrin::p
  10. She was stupid enough of the two to get caught!

  11. Nah, she was stupid enough to get caught with a married man. That made it more interesting.
  12. OMG that Will Ferrell clip is hilarious!!
  13. Any more updates/news about how KS is doing? Has she taken a shower...yet? lo :graucho: