Kristen satchel

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  1. Girls what do u think of the kristen pleated satchel? I have a 40% off letter which is burning a hole in my pocket. I am thinking of getting the black leather one. Please tell the pros and cons of this bag so I can decide. Thanks for ur input.
  2. Personally? I'd wait, it will probably go to the outlet, use it in a bag you love more... and probably one that's a bit more pricey so the value of your 40% is more well proportioned.
  3. I got this purse in the tan for pce this year! I haven't done a reveal or posted any pictures of it yet but I love it. I needed a more structured purse that color. It's the perfect tan and the more I use it, the leather just keeps getting softer and softer. I've gotten tons of compliments on it too! The shoulder strap is good for when you get tired of carrying it like a satchel and unlike the audrey and sabrina, it doesn't look weird and change the shape of the purse. It also has plenty of room for stuff. I can fit my mini laptop in it to take to class too! hope this helps!
  4. oh but i forgot to say, I probably would get some super expensive purse that I was super in love with that I would never be able to afford usually if I had a 40% off! but that's me personally, but you may not want to spend that much!
  5. It is an odd shape, tall and thin is the best way to describe it. I agee with what others said and that I would save the 40% off letter for something you love....they don't expire from what I understand
  6. 40% off? how did you score that coupon? i agree with the otha ladies & buy something thats a lil' more pricey and get it for a good deal. don't waste the 40% off on something cheap unless you absolutely hafta have it. btw, how do you get those coupoons?
  7. Have you seen the studded kristin satchel? It's limited edition and $598 so with the 40% it'd be almost $300 and it looks awesome. I just got mine the other day because I was also looking for a structured bag and I absolutely love it.
  8. I love the Kristin satchel when it's being carried, but don't care for how it "puddles" when set down. I agree that this bag could very well end up at the outlet; however, if you really love it then maybe it's worth not having to stalk the outlets and possibly only get 30% off on it.
  9. thanks girls for ur feed back. i think i will wait and see if something really catches my eye and is out of my budget otherwise.
  10. That's a very wise decision. I'm just waiting on my final purchase with my PCE (Special Order) and then after that, I'm going to wait for the next collection. :biggrin: