Kristen Round Satchel Question

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  1. I have a Kristen round satchel I have used a few times since purchasing her in late June, and yesterday I almost threw it at the wall! The hardware (larger oval ring) that connects the handle to the bag does not move freely. It is secured to the bag so tightly that I have to physically move each one by hand when I want to use the handles. The bag just looks sloppy sometimes if the hardware doesn't move. I was wondering if the hardwear is suppose to be secured to the bag so tightly. I have the domed satchel and the handles flop perfectly, and the hardwear is not secured to the bag as tightly.

    I would appreciate any insight. I'm at the point that I don't even want to use this bag anymore. Thanks!
  2. I am sorry to hear about your experience. I have a round satchel and the hardwares for mine are fine. They don't give me any troubles and I don't need to adjust them at all, so far. I think you could definitely bring it back to Coach for a replacement.
  3. My BS is like yours. I have to move the handles bc they are almost glued to the leather. I don't mind it bc I figure it will loosen up over time.
  4. That is what I was hoping as well, but it looks like the snake skin leather is starting to peel on the edges from the hardware rubbing so much (I have the fawn color). I'm hoping to make the journey to my outlet this weekend to get a new Lindsey (fingers crossed), so I'll bring bag with to see what they say.
  5. Yikes! My round Satchel's hardware has never been an issue for me. I have the round Satchel that was released in Fall 2011, and before that i had the Python pattern - both never had any hardware issues for me.
  6. Have you tried rubbing some Coach leather moisturizer on the rings where the handles attach and slowly move the leather back and forth over it? People have used this method to stop squeaky handles but maybe it will also help in this situation to loosen up the leather.
  7. I'll give that a try. I think I may bring it in on Friday to my FP store to see what they say. Ideally, I would just like merchandise credit...even if it's for less than I paid for the bag when I originally bought it at the outlet. Of course, I have the receipt for every purse I bought in the last year except this one! I just hope they will help me as I don't want to make the hour drive to the outlet unless it's absolutely necessary.
  8. Omg I thought I was just crazy?! My bs sage does this too! It's annoying and I just feel like it'll be ok later. But I might take mine into my fp store to see what they can do with mine? I hope you can find a solution
  9. I brought my bag into my FP store and the manager agreed the hardware should move freely. They sent it away, Coach called and said they cannot fix the bag, but they are sending me a $430 credit. I am not complaining one bit! I guess it pays to be particular about our purchases!
  10. So happy for you. Congrats!

    Great service Coach! Keep it up!
  11. ALL mine do the samething BUT - mine is from NOT using them daily - I think if I were to use it MORE - it would not be so tight but does not bother me !!!!
  12. Same here!
  13. This one was the only one I had like this, and it was really bad. I couldn't even really use the handles. I see a duffle in my future! The associate who originally looked at it said they never wrapped the inside if the hard wear on this bag and it was leather rubbing on leather. Normally they are wrapped with fabric on the inside for easier movement. Regardless, I am quite happy about the outcome.