Kristen Dunst's Chanel

  1. Ok, I don't know the name of the bag, but she's been photographed wearing it several times. It looks like a Grand Shopping tote, but It does not have the leather padding on the shoulders.

    Does anyone know which bag that is?

    Are they still available and does anyone know the AY****

    model number for it? Thanks!
  2. Biondina1003, I don't know the model number of this bag, but here's a picture of it. Maybe some other members might have an idea? :smile:

  3. They don't make it anymore I believe. It's "vintage" says Nicole Ritchie. I have seen them on eBay but who knows if they're authentic??

  4. sheanabelle- is it that bag the same as yours avatar picture?,
    I think this bag is called timeless petite shopper (but not the PST) is still available at any Chanel Boutique.
  5. i think the one that kristin wears is bigger than pst with zipper. and the pst does not have side pocket like she has.. its maybe vintage and discontinue purse??!!....:confused1:
  6. Kristen's bag looks like the Grand Shopping Tote to me. Not the vintage timeless classic.
  7. They do look the same, but the one Kristen has has no leather padding on the chain for the shoulder.
  8. It looks like vintage tote to me. The GST has leather piece across the shoulder.
  9. So, vintage..... not around unless I buy it used or on eBay?

    They don't have it in stores ...right?
  10. I'm pretty sure it is the Petit Shopping tote (the one with the zippered top). She has been photographed with it so many times.
  11. Is this bag still available?
  12. It's not the Petit Shopping Tote. It's actually another GST minus the leather padding and with a zip that goes around it. My mom has one from 2005 and I saw it under Lainey's 30+ pictures there was one similiar to that!