Kristen Chalk or Taupe?

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  1. I love Kristen hobo & tote. I just can't decide on chalk or taupe. Could I get some opinions please!!
  2. I'd be scared to death to carry a white bag (even though I adore the bone Maggie, Hailey and chalk Kristin!), so my vote goes to taupe. As soon as I saw the Kristin pictures, the taupe caught my eye - it's the only one I really wanted!
  3. Taupe for sure.
    Good Luck!
  4. I have seen them both in real life, and as much as I love white, I have to agree that I am scared to death to carry a white bag too. I need a bag that can go everywhere with me, and even though I am super careful, and never set my bag on the floor, white shows every little mark. That being said, the taupe is very pretty in person, my vote is for taupe!
  5. I do not have any issues with White bag. I find that White Coach bags are very clean and do not stain easly. White bags are just the same as any others.. As far as color transfers it can happen to any bag and if it is dark it will not hid the issue...

    So if if fear is the issue do not worry about it. I have 4 White bags and do not have any issues with them..

    Now as far as look I love this bag in Taupe it is a great color for this bag and not a color often found in Coach bags...
  6. I think that white is more neutral for summer and will end a pop to most colors in a wardrobe. However, if you are worried about dirt, go for the taupe. I am debating the white too.:biggrin:
  7. I think the taupe is kind of plain and blah. I'd go for the white!
  8. I'm getting a white kristin! I was debating too and so I went and looked at my white purse that I used all last summer.... I didnt' baby it, because I wasn't into coach yet.... and it's fine. Not a mark actually. I am going to chance it and get the white.
  9. Chalk!
  10. Another vote for Chalk!

    I'm getting the large hobo in Chalk...I have a Brooke in the crinkled patent ivory and it stays pretty clean. I hope the Kristin leather is good like that too.
  11. And another vote for chalk:biggrin:

    I ordered the small leather satchel in chalk last night. She will join my parchment Sabrina and winter white Vintage Violet Clutch. I do not baby my bags and have never had any problems with light colored Coach.
  12. Chalk! I don't like the Taupe at all, something about that brown is off to me...
  13. I was at the FP store today and just fell in love with the chalk Kristin
    the taupe was very plain....not for me
    I asked about color transfer and SA said you could have
    color transfer with any color just to be careful
    next week that is one of the bags I will be getting
  14. I am a taupe lover, but I am not sure on this particular bag color, seems a tad off what I would say is taupe. Maybe see it in person first.
    good luck choosing, they are both really nice.
  15. Chalk gets my vote!