Kristen Bell's Bag in When in Rome

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  1. In the scene where Kristen is in the taxi in Rome and looking for a signal on her Bberry, when she steps out and runs to her sister she is carrying this gorgeous black bag. It might be a YSL but I cannot make it out clearly.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!
  2. I'm fairly certain she was using a YSL Downtown tote. I have the same tote in black and recall seeing it on her in the beginning of the movie.
  3. Thanks!
  4. that was one heck of a bag... love it...
  5. does anyone know the other bag she carries Kristen Bell toward the end of the movie black has a wide shoulder strap and handle with gold hardware
  6. I concur with SuLi
  7. Does anyone know what bag Kristin is caring in the fountain when she first finds the coins? It is the shiny evening bag?
  8. :useless:
  9. ysl downtown leather bag