Kristen Bell at 2007 Nascar Nextel Cup celebration (11/28/07)

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  2. Kristen's such a great actress and looks gorgeous in that red dress!
  3. I heart KB ! She is making heroes for me this season.
  4. She is gorgeous!! I wish they didn't cancel Veronica Mars :sad:
  5. Me too! I love her!
  6. what's the name of her new show? does anyone know? i miss veronica mars too!!!
  7. Kristen is in Heroes volume II. Season finale tomorrow/today at 9 on NBC!!! She's also the voice of Gossip Girl on CW.
  8. I love her as Elle on Heroes (I can't even begin to think about how I'm going to watch the SEASON finale tomorrow in December!!!), and I think she's really pretty! :tup: My b/f more than agrees haha. :p
  9. She looks beautiful!
  10. i love that dress!