Kristan's (krispin41) Collection

  1. Believe it or not, I only started collecting Louis Vuitton in August of 2006!

    I am also a HUGE Coach fan! Group shots of those lovelies to come. :yes:



    Speedy 30
    Perforated Pochette in green
    Perforated Cles in green
    Ellipse PM
    Mini Ellipse
    Pochette Cosmetique
    Koala Wallet
    Simple Checkbook
    Small Agenda

    Damier: Navona

    Denim: Baggy PM

    Other: Pochette Extender, long strap for Denim Baggy

    Not shown: Leopard Monogram Scarf, Panda Pochette, Monogram Widescreen iPod Case
  2. Great collection in 4 months? I wish I can do that after 4 months. Thank you for sharing!!!
  3. Wow I love your collection!
  4. girls if you think thats amazing, wait till you see her fully thought out coach collection!
  5. wow I'm jealous!!!! I'm getting my first LV for my B-day (a mono speedy 30) I can't wait now!!!
  6. Great collection.
  7. Love it!!
  8. Wow, thats a-lot of LVs! Can't wait to see the Coach.
  9. Here are the latest additions in my Louis Vuitton collection. I missed the scarf in the last photo. The Panda Pochette and iPod case were Christmas gifts.
  10. **blush** Thanks Aarti!
  11. The Speedy was my first bag. You will LOVE it! It holds everything (and I mean everything!) and looks great with all sorts of outfits!
  12. great collection, lots of nice bags
  13. wow, beautiful collecton i :heart: it. the perfo in green looks awesome! i really like it in that color, it reminds me of some sorta chic camo-commando style. it's too cute! cant wait to see yer coach xoxo
  14. Great pieces!! I love them all! :love:
  15. Okay, here is the Coach! To celebrate New Year's, I took all new pics! LOL.

    Can you tell I like the Khaki Signature? LOL.

    #1 My first Coach pieces. I bought the purse first as a reward for losing 25 pounds. Then came the wallet and key fob.

    #2 The Poppy line sucked me in. Back in the day when I told myself I wouldn't spend "that much" on a purse, I thought the key pouch could hold me over (I bought it at the same time as my first Coach bag). I later found the Demi at an insane price at Macy's. How could I resist? :graucho:

    #3 Signature Duffle and cell-phone lanyard in denim and Soho Leather Hobo.

    #4 All my black pieces. Soho Large Flap and Small Wallet, Hamptons Swing Pack, Wristlet and Mini Skinny

    #5 Until the Poppy line hooked me, I NEVER owned anything with white leather. There's something so crisp about the khaki signature and white leather. It's one of my favorite combos.
    coach-first.jpg coach-poppy.jpg coach-misc.jpg coach-black.jpg coach-white.jpg