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Jul 24, 2006
Believe it or not, I only started collecting Louis Vuitton in August of 2006!

I am also a HUGE Coach fan! Group shots of those lovelies to come. :yes:


Speedy 30
Perforated Pochette in green
Perforated Cles in green
Ellipse PM
Mini Ellipse
Pochette Cosmetique
Koala Wallet
Simple Checkbook
Small Agenda

Damier: Navona

Denim: Baggy PM

Other: Pochette Extender, long strap for Denim Baggy

Not shown: Leopard Monogram Scarf, Panda Pochette, Monogram Widescreen iPod Case


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Here are the latest additions in my Louis Vuitton collection. I missed the scarf in the last photo. The Panda Pochette and iPod case were Christmas gifts.


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wow, beautiful collecton i :heart: it. the perfo in green looks awesome! i really like it in that color, it reminds me of some sorta chic camo-commando style. it's too cute! cant wait to see yer coach xoxo
Okay, here is the Coach! To celebrate New Year's, I took all new pics! LOL.

Can you tell I like the Khaki Signature? LOL.

#1 My first Coach pieces. I bought the purse first as a reward for losing 25 pounds. Then came the wallet and key fob.

#2 The Poppy line sucked me in. Back in the day when I told myself I wouldn't spend "that much" on a purse, I thought the key pouch could hold me over (I bought it at the same time as my first Coach bag). I later found the Demi at an insane price at Macy's. How could I resist? :graucho:

#3 Signature Duffle and cell-phone lanyard in denim and Soho Leather Hobo.

#4 All my black pieces. Soho Large Flap and Small Wallet, Hamptons Swing Pack, Wristlet and Mini Skinny

#5 Until the Poppy line hooked me, I NEVER owned anything with white leather. There's something so crisp about the khaki signature and white leather. It's one of my favorite combos.


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