Kristanna Loken Red carpet at the 2007 Monte Carlo

  1. Kristanna Loken Red carpet at the 2007 Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco

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  2. Great dress but I am not feeling the droopy boob on the side.:s
  3. Definitely a boob oops there, but otherwise, both she and the dress are hot:yes:
  4. eek, seems like she's trying too hard to do the sexy stare down look... and the hair's a little too shellacked for my taste:tdown:
  5. Beside the boob problem, the dress is gorgeous.
    Not a fan of Kristanna though.
  6. I have no idea who this woman is but she is pretty. HOWEVER, her breasts are in need of some MAJOR help. She needs to tape them up or something. If thats how she looks at home who cares but on the red carpet?!? Hello! They look terrible.
  7. She needs some self-tanner for her little boob problem too! LOL!
  8. she's pretty. I agree on the sag
  9. I dont like the hair. Great dress though !
  10. Great dress but a little more of it could've covered that boobage.
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. uuugh that hairstyle and the blue eye shadow all over make her look 10 years older... not mentioning the sagginess :wtf: