Kris & Bruce Jenner Thread

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  1. I be loving her bags!
  2. love Kris' style!! She is always so put together and I love her makeup. Can't stand her as a person according to how she directs her daughters (hustler, pimp, etc)
  3. they will promote anything!!! example: they promote millions of milkshakes & fried oreos...of course because we will need Quicktrim after that!!! very smart ladies. :rolleyes:

    they promote skincare and then slather gallons of makeup and self-tanner on their skin!!!

    they promote skincare but secretly go to the plastic surgeon!!!

    they are all walking contradictions! and anyone who buys their products needs to get a refund!!
  4. Yesterday...
  5. I saw this yesterday is that a chanel?? So cute
  6. I love her jewelry. That looks like the bracelet Kim's been wearing lately
  7. I like Kris sunglasses
  8. Nice pop of blue with the black and white outfit. Not crazy about the shoes though.
  9. Kris is so fab. Kim need to take a tutorial on how to apply makeup without look overdone, from her mother. Kris makeup always is pretty.
  10. True
  11. :yup:
  12. I was thinking about starting a Kriss thread!!! I have always admired her style. She always looks so polished and she never tries it to hard. :ps:
  13. Kris does look better than them..
  14. OH SH*T! :wtf: *ducks*

    She better pay me for my PerfectBoner commercial concept.
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.