Kris & Bruce Jenner Thread

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  1. I thought it was about time she got her own thread. She wears some great shoes, bags and outfits...




  2. Yeah i think she should have her own thread too, she can be abit bonkers at times but i like her and the woman looks great!!
  3. Bag: Givenchy
    Shoes: Balenciaga

    I really like those flats!

  4. Rejuvicare - whatever that is...

  5. At Katsuya last night...

  6. i will not deny it. kris is fly

    she looks better than them alot of the times
  7. kris sure is fly!
  8. I'm sure Kim will tell Kris about this thread.:graucho:
  9. Does Kim come on here?
  10. ^ We suspect she reads her thread on tpf :p
  11. Ahh i see hopfuly she will stop all this surgery business then :yahoo:
  12. Truth.
  13. agreed.
  14. wait, you mean to tell me all that testing of Dr. Rob's skincare line that the girls credit with giving them beautiful skin will be available at our local Walgreen's????

    looks like you can get the products for FREE after Walgreens Rebates:

    Get $10 RR WYB participating RejuviCare products Free after RR
    Rejuvicare Ultra Hair/Nail Caplets 30ct (WIC 469269) $9.99
    Rejuvicare Beautiful Skin Caplets 60ct (WIC 469270) $9.99)
  15. actually, I'm wrong: rob's skincare line is Perfect Skin...

    How are they promoting 2 different skincare lines - so confusing
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.