Kravmaga anyone?

  1. So I am a college student looking to get into some cardio kickboxing classes to lose some extra weight (10 pounds) and I was calling a few local places in the area and one place does not offer specific cardio kick boxing classes but they do offer kravmaga.

    He said their kravmaga class is a mixture in sense of self defense and cardio kickboxing.
    Has anyone here tried these classes or are currently taking kravmaga classes?

    I'm looking to find out if it is a good exercise to lose weight/tone up and any other information about your experiences with kravmaga.
  2. i really wanted to do krav maga for awhile, it's all about practical self defence which is just good for your general welfare. i am sure it's some sort of workout, i've never done it but you should try it for awhile if nothing else than for a form of personal protection!
  3. I took it before pregnancy and loved it. DH has been taking it for almost two years. He loves it. It's a great workout. We took a kickboxing class and Krav followed that class for a total of 2 hours a day... amazing workout!!!