Kraft flavored marshmallows?!?!

  1. Has anyone seen these before?!?!? I was at Target today and I was shocked to see that they had strawberry and chocolate flavored marshmallows! I don't even like marshmallows particularly, but I HAD to buy them! I never even knew these existed! Supposedly there's a toasted coconut flavor too, but they didn't have that one!

    I'm trying to decide if I want to make regular rice crispy treats with strawberry marshmallows OR chocolate ones with cocoa crispies and chocolate marshmallows. I also thinking these would make the BEST s'mores ever :yahoo:

    These were with the Valentines candy btw, so I'm not sure if they're limited edition :hrmm:
  2. Wow, those sound fun! I think I've seen the coconut before, but never chocolate or strawberry. If you make the crispies, let me know how they turn out!!
  3. ^ Will do! I'll post pics too! :graucho:
  4. oh how weird!! OMG I bet the rice crispies will be SO good!!!!
  5. They have flavored marshmallows at Whole Foods too.
  6. I've never seen them, but I have heard of them. Do they taste like the flavors at all?
  7. haha when i read the title KRAFT i thought you meant like cheese flavored marshmallows!

  8. I've never seen these but if I do come across them, I think I am going to make the recipe krispie treats w the strawberry flavored. Cocoa krispies and chocolate marshmallows sounds too chocolatey for my taste. I wonder if they would have a strong strawberry taste though in the krispie treats
  9. Yeah, they're jet puffed marshmallows in chocolate, strawberry and coconut. I'm an Administrative Assistant, and Kraft is one of our major accounts. I had some of each on my desk this past week. Try any of them in white hot chocolate...yum!

  10. Haha, that is *exactly* what I thought! Mac and Cheese flavored marshmallows:yucky::yucky::yucky:
  11. I actually haven't opened them yet. Marshmallows aren't very tempting to me, but I'll taste them before I use them and let you know!

    LOL eeeeew!!! :throwup: :lol: :throwup:

    I'm making both kinds for a superbowl party sunday, so I'll let you know how they are. Your comment about the chocolate ones made me lol because that's EXACTLY what my bf said when I bought them. I was like "Too chocolatey? Whaaaaaat? :confused1:" To me there's no such thing as too chocolatey!!! :p
  12. I saw the yesterday too...I almost got them, but was afraid I would be too lazy to sctually do anything with them ;)
  13. I made the crispy treats yesterday with the Cocoa Krispies and the chocolate ones. I definately should have used the regular kind.. because I couldn't tell the tastes apart!!!!

    My family ate the whole pan already.. so I guess they couldn't have been too bad.
  14. are the flavors artificial (probably)? I don't know if i want to add more junk to the already overly-processed (though very loved and tasty) treat!
  15. ^ All of the Kraft marshmallows have artificial flavoring, even the white ones. The only difference in terms of processing and artificial ingredients is that the strawberry ones have red coloring and the others don't :shrugs:

    But if you're worried about eating processed foods, you should probably just stay away from rice crispy treats in general! :p