kplovesbag Collection

  1. Here is the start of my collection :smile: I though it would be best to start a new thread here, instead of showing my bags in other various threads!! So here is the start of many more to come (just need to get my camera sorted out) and I will post more pictures of my collection for you all to view!! Also I will post all new my new purchases here! Love:heart: this forum:yahoo:!!!
    chloe1.jpg Chloe3.jpg D&G2.jpg D&G-leapord.jpg LV's.jpg
  2. Very nice collection-
  3. Love all you pieces. That Chloe bag is gorgeous and I love the leather and the length of the handles -- it looks like you can use it as a satchel or a shoulder bag.
  4. Gorgeous, love the D&G leopard
  5. Thanks for all you replies, I will be taking more photos of my collection and I will post them here!!:smile:
  6. great pieces, congrats.
  7. Thank you!!:smile:
  8. Thanks for sharing.....Dolce is always nice!!
  9. Very nice indeed!
  10. oooh, love the modeling pic, it looks great on you! cute collection too!
  11. Love them! So unique!!
  12. I love your collection! :heart:
  13. Thank you!!:smile:
  14. Thank you!!:smile:
  15. Thank you!!:smile: