Kp Croc/fushia At Old Price!!!

  1. Dear Ladies,

    My SA at H store just called and there is a KP in SHINNY CROC fushia available for OLD PRICE!!!

    It's currently under my hold but I am NOT a SMALL purse fan :sad: so if any of your ladies wants it, pls. PM me and I'll give my SA's info and call him to release it off my hold....
  2. Oh, you are such a darling to share this...I hope someone here gets very lucky and gets it!!

    SHINY FUSCHIA CROC...someone has to grab this!!!!

    you are so sweet, Morganng!!
  3. Dear Ms. CB:

    It was Hard, the color is right and the leather is right but size DOES MATTER, for me at least (ok ON BAGS, of course)... :graucho:

    When he said OLD PRICE, my heart was pumping SO FAST and I've thought I was going to 'SCORE' something that I've been hoping for... I guess not this time...

    I've had some WONDERFUL ladies here at the forum that directed me to some purchases, so I am only returning the good deeds to others...
  4. I am sure it is a pretty bag, and I must commend your powers of resistance!!

    I am also very happy that things are going well for you at H!!! SO LUCKY to be offered the old price, too! I hope you get another score soon!

  5. Dear Ms. CB:

    Believe me, I made him checked everywhere (front display, back room) but NOTHING in my BRIGHT color and at OLD price is even NOT possible... Except this KP....

    I am kind of on the chubby side, so this would look too "SMALL" for me.... :crybaby:If it was even 25cm (Kelly or Birkin), I would have it ring up so fast then you blink....
  6. This sounds perfect for me!! I love the color, and I just ordered my KP! However, I'm not quite ready to step into croc territory yet... I'd like to try lizard first!