KP Corc?

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  1. Are you happy with it? Is it a true khaki? i have looked for action pics and i cant find any. i was only able to find still pics... would love to see someone posing with theirs...
  2. Ya, I've only seen still life pics... I want some modeling action!! Show us your KP Corc stuff ladies!!! WOOT!
  3. I don't think it's a true khaki as it is a tad more yellow than what I consider khaki. However, it is the HH that I've gotten the MOST compliments on (seriously, just today coworkers were trying to walk off with it). I call it "butterscotch" and my sister agrees.

    I've posted pics of it, I'll try to post "action" shots this weekend (sorry if that's too late)
  4. That's not good to hear, it being more yellow. I'm already a yellow toned gal, and try to stay at arms length away from colors that match my own. I hope I get one that looks more mustard olive. Like last seasons Jcrew color. Now that was yum, and I think I could handle that. Akk!
  5. swolf, I thought mine was a mustard/olive color, actually quite neutral.
  6. mmmm mustard,,, sounds yummy!!! not!!! well im dying to see a pic or two myself since i just snagged one on the hh site tonite!! whats that sale all about?? whatever!!! im just glad i stumbled on to it. as soon as i get it ill do some shots.
  7. i'm also very tempted to get it but am not sure of the color. i got the cordovan corc and am also on the fence. do i need both or should i return the cordovan? decisions.... decisions.....

  8. From what I have read, the leather Cordovan version is much heavier than the patents and some have said looks totally different than the patent versions and I think many have said that the KP is softer/more smushy than the BP........agh, the agony. BUT, keep in mind - I don't think the KP is returnable at the current sale price.
    Think about how you would use the bag....the patent being more "weatherproof", etc. and you may feel more comfortable "beating up" the patent over the leather.
    Just some things to think about......hope this helps:heart:
  9. The Luna Boston pics are spot on, IMO. Also, I totally agree about the rain. I got caught with my KP Corc in the rain last week and it was a dream. The water balled up, and when I went to wipe it off (with my scarf! lol) it was gone - poof. Perfect for spring showers or if you live in a damp climate.
  10. One more question, why are you matching your skin tone to your bag? Don't you normally have clothes on? Do you carry the bag all day long? I've just never heard someone say that they can't get a bag because it will match their skin. But if it doesn't work for you, just return it and let someone else have it!
  11. Thanks everyone ! I caved and got the kp corc and also the bp jinhee - i just love the design of this bag.... now I am going straight over to the banned forum.... lol
  12. I got what your saying. It would probably be complentery, since I wear saturated colors already. Though, after seeing the the emerald goat, on that site, I'm really lusting after that. But I know it was probably made as heavy as the cordovan. I bought the KP in anycase. I think it will be good addition.
  13. Mine arrives today or tomorrow; can't wait! I'm fair-skinned with yellow undertones, and know what you mean, but I think I'll love the color anyway. I'll try to post pics in some natural light... the Luna Boston pic seems more neutral (pinky), but the one that was on eBay a week ago did look positively mustard (that's my hope!!). Maybe they're all a bit different?
  14. ^My experience when photographing bags hasn't been good. I can take 6 photos of the same bag and in each photo the color will look different. The one on ebay did look quite a bit like mustard, but I would think if HH advertised it as Taupe, then Taupe it would be. Could be the seller used her flash. I know that for the best photos, per VLAD, is not to use the flash.