Kourtney Kardashian Style Thread

  1. I love Kourtney!! She has such great style!!
  2. I love those B/W pics of her!
  3. I wish I had her figure...she looks great in everything!
  4. i like when the sisters are together :biggrin:
  5. I love Kourtney!! and how she looks great in everything!! she is really pretty :yes:
  6. that Troy Jensen character is a genius! wonder how much he charges for photos like these, and can he travel?
  7. Kim Style: Breaking down our look
    Buzz up!

    I noticed you guys are loving Kourtney's style! So do I! She really has great taste! Here is Kourtney and me at Caroline D'Amore's fashion show.

    In this picture Kourtney is wearing a cream satin H&M top with a Milly high-waisted black skirt and a cream belt from Kourtney's favorite store Zara.

    I am wearing a pink BCBG Runway dress and we both are wearing YSL heels.

    This lipstick I am wearing is my new favorite color. It is Soar lip liner by MAC with a Stila lip polish called Glisten. I love this lip color because it gives a little bit deeper color than just my regular nude lip!
  8. Wow, Kourtney makes H&M and Zara look sooooooooo good!!! I'm really impressed that she's not a snob when it comes down to clothes :tup:
  9. I love that H&M top that Kourtney is wearing... gorgeous! Lovin' the whole outfit!!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. ^^She is so adorable! The Kardashian's make me wish I had sisters too, lol.
  12. ^any idea on those white pants and those shoes in thelast pics?

  13. :yes:
  14. do you ever wonder if the Kardashian sisters dress up just to go out and walk around?

    well maybe not Kim so much, but sometimes
  15. I believe the shoes are YSL.