Kourtney Kardashian Style Thread

  1. Out in Calabasas last week.

  2. Kourtney has got really great style!
  3. Last outfit is a no.
  4. i love these louboutins and i have yet to get a definite ID on the style :girlsigh:
  5. I LOVE her shoes.
  6. With Mason in Santa Monica, California.


  7. here's a better angle of the shoes. Can someone tell me which style these are pleaseeee
  8. I think these might be Rolandes but not sure but they look similar shape to my Pony ones
  9. thank you!
  10. I think they look like the Rolando.
  11. I agree with the ladies before me, those are rolandos.
  12. yall are the best! thank you :flowers:
  13. Out for lunch with boyfriend Scott Disick and their son Mason, two, in Studio City, Los Angeles.

    article-2109721-12026F23000005DC-481_468x729.jpg article-2109721-12026F07000005DC-960_468x831.jpg
  14. Attending the Escape to Total Rewards event in Hollywood.

    article-2109721-11FEBD91000005DC-327_468x893.jpg article-2109721-11FEBDAB000005DC-426_468x734.jpg
  15. Leaving from a meeting in LA yesterday.