Kou, your dream bag! Quick!

  1. So funny I was going to PM her that link too!
    Good Eye!
  2. Bumping this thread up for Kou!
  3. Does anyone know her BF's email address? We could send him the link and he could buy the bag as an engagment gift...or not.
  4. Gah ... I WANT IT!!! I JUST saw a woman carrying a black croc 35cm today too and I'm itching for a croc. At this point I'm definitely going to need someone to buy that for me, seeing that I laid-off last Friday (for full story, see the Gen Desc thread).
  5. KOU! Been trying to PM you, your box is FULL.......
  6. Kou, call them and ask them to keep it shrinkwrapped till you can sell something (your soul???).

    We are dying here!!!
  7. I'm such a masochist, I'm going to call them tomorrow and find out how much it costs, even though I can't buy it right now:yucky: Maybe I'll feel better if the price is exorbitant ...

    Dammit, the croc that I saw recently was so frickin gorgeous!!!! I'm totally in the croc mode now. Can anyone find me a job?:crybaby:
  8. a 35 cm croc birkin that was at charlotte earlier this year was 30,000 us dollars.

    that's a lot!
  9. 30K?!!! Damn, the price has really gone up. If it's 30K in the U.S., then it's probably a couple grand more in Canada.
  10. That seems kind of high. I thought croc was still going for around 20k or so.
  11. Croc. 35cm Birkin WAS $28700 before tax last year(2006) when my SA checked last time. I haven't asked the current price after price increase/this year price(2007).
  12. omg omg...
    i want the crocodile kelly...i want the crocodile birkin...
    i am in the croc mood as well= =
    but i'll wait for mine to come....saving up at the moment.....
  13. New price (after increase) for 35cm Porosus Croc Birkin is $30,900 before tax.
  14. ^^ that's such a good price for a 35cm. For SG, a 30cm (not even 35) porosus croc, it's S$50K, and that's about US$33K :wtf: