KOU - this has your name all over it

  1. Fuchsia croc with gold hw:love:

    Picture from Mika's blog

    But it aint shrinkwrapped unfortunately....:s
  2. I'm pretty sure that if I had to kill something to gain access to that bag...I'd do it :biggrin:

    the bag of my dreams.... :crybaby:
  3. It is a beauty and Kou isn't the only one who would love that!
  4. It ain't shrinkwrapped!
  5. Wow!:drool:
  6. I think I read that Kou wouldn't give a toss if the dream bag came along unwrapped, as long as it is new and down to a T what she wants ;)
  7. Oh i love it... kou you know you want it...:heart:
  8. Is that fuchsia or is that a different pink? Can't tell from my screen. Eh, she's probably charging like 40K for it huh?

    Can't afford any huge purchases til the end of the year right now ...
  9. I think you ladies probably know by now that I'm the sort who will do exactly as she pleases.....and I DO love this bag, but I am wondering how on earth I would carry THIS bag off. It's lovely...but a very bold statement! Wow. I just love croc!
  10. OMG! That is THE MOST GORGEOUS bag!!! I'm afraid it would sit in my closet given that I live in Oregon....sigh...
  11. Wow, what a beautiful bag!:nuts: ....I would like to get my name all over it!:love:
  12. Whoa! I'd be all over THAT like a wet blanket if it was black, matt, smaller and loaded with DIAMONDS!!!!!!!

    .....and delivered to my door by Johnny Depp!!!!

    ok.....J/K. But it IS pretty fabby..........
  13. Too funny Shopmom.

    It's Fabulous!
  14. :wtf: .... speechless ....:drool:
  15. wow.
    I am not a croc person, and I sure couldnt pull it off either.

    I am quite enchanted by the little lock, I never noticed they use the part of the skins with the tiny scales for that.