Kors Shoe Help!!!!

  1. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/17946335/c/7672.html

    Anyone know where I can find out this shoe in gold leather in any retailer stores in So California. I have been desperately look for this shoe all over the internet however only Zappo has this but only big size available. This pair of shoe is supposed to a b's gift for my best friend and I hope she will be very happy when I have this to her.

    Please help me. Thanks!
  2. Have you tried Bloomingdale's? Try the new Bloomies at South Coast Plaza. I may have seen something similar (I'm not sure if these are the exact same ones) there last weekend.

    Good luck!
  3. What size are you looking for? Jildor Shoes has a 6.5, and they're on sale. I have this shoe and LOVE it. So comfortable! They were also on sale at Saks, I think, but I don't see them anymore.
  4. Thanks tw1n8ngel and fabae. The one I am looking for is in gold leather. I know it's unlikely to get small size gold leather over the internet so I decide to go Bloom in South Coast plaza. Please give me any clue futher if anyone know where to buy in any retailer store. Many thanks!
  5. eBay usually has a good stock of kors shoes!!!
  6. There is one DSW store near me that carries A LOT of Kors shoes, maybe you could call and check with the DSW in your area.
  7. I think the reason you cannot find these is that they are from last year. I have them in gold and black. I saw them last at Saks.com about 2 months ago. good luck...they are very comfy.