Kors by Michael Kors

  1. what r these bags like irl? i m thinking of the ranger satchel specifically. what is the quality like? i m trying to get away from my monogram world
  2. a coworker owns that bag. it's a nice bag.. good quality leather... I'd try to catch it on a sale though (which I have seen.) Try your local Macy's this weekend... there's a one day sale.
  3. ya i saw that. unfortuanetly i m not going to the US til next wk
  4. ah... poop!
  5. The leather is nice but the metal trim, if any, may tarnish. I have a smaller gold shoulder bag that has a clasp and chain that hooks to the front and all the metal areas are spotty and tarnished and since it's not real silver, it's not really able to be shined up.
  6. Actually.. the metal on this bag is a brushed silver, I believe. There should be no tarnishing problems.. but with wear (like every other bag) the hardware will get scratched, etc.
  7. love 'em!
  8. I have one with burnished brass hardware that has held up very well. I caught it on sale and I've been quite happy with the bag.
  9. Weird, I can't even get the tarnishing off with a silver polishing cloth. I was really disappointed, it looks horrible, silver with brown spots all over. And I only used it once! :wtf: