KORRES new online store - FREE SHIP + 20% off + DELUXE SAMPLES!!!

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  1. I know there are a few other Korres fans out there :biggrin:
    [for those who're not familiar with Korres, they make eco-cert skincare products and cosmetics]

    Korres just 'opened' a new online store at http://www.korresusa.com

    They're offering FREE SHIPPING the whole month of July, 20% off ALL ORDERS, and a FREE DELUXE SAMPLE bag (w/ 3 decent sized samples!) -- this is in addition to the 3 'standard' samples you get with every order.

    Use code PREVIEW to avail of this crazy promotion!

    Here's the email: http://emailingfactory.com/korres/20090706/korres_view.html

    I've already received my first order and more than happy with the CS and the speed of delivery :yahoo:
  2. Thank you SO much Kibby!! I love Korres!
  3. Oooh, thank you. Their bath products are the best!
  4. Is their a minimum order to get the gift bag?
  5. Thank you! Their guava body butter is the best!
  6. thanks got showergel. was holding out for a sale.
  7. Thanks! I am still buying up all the Korres I have been seeing lately at Marshall's/TJ Maxx, but nice to know I have an alternative to buying from Dillard's or Sephora when I run out! :smile:
  8. ^^ I know i've been seeing their stuff for like $3-4 dollars at tj maxx. Although i noticed that one of the products was past expiration date. So i decided to order to get a fresh shower gel and the samples. but great deals at tj maxx/marshalls on korres stuff.
  9. Hmm is their stuff worth the price? I'm trying to make the move to all-natural products, but not sure if it's really good? I'm looking at their hair products and bath gels.
  10. Thanks for the posting. Question - when I tried to place my order it only gave me free shipping and the standard samples - I didn't see any of the deluxe samples.
  11. Awesome!! thanks!!
  12. I heard that it wont show in the cart but you still get the deluxe gift.
  13. Thanks so much for the tip...
    I highly recommend the Guava lipsticks!
  14. Yes, the deluxe sample kit does not show up in the cart or in the order confirmation -- they just throw it in the box ;)

    here's a pic of the kit w/ the deluxe and regular (sachet) samples

  15. Thanks for the posting and the pic!

    What products have you girls purchased?? :biggrin: