Kork-Ease Metallic Iguana Wedges... Fun or Ridiculous?

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  1. My friend recently purchased TWO pair of Kork-Ease wedge sandals and was raving about how comfortable they are! Now, she tends to wear much higher-heeled shoes than I do, and she stays in jeans (full-length or cropped) during the summer. I usually spend my summers in crops and long shorts and summery dresses and skirts, with Birkenstocks and the like on my feet, but I would like a summer sandal that is a little bit classier, jazzier, and more attractive.

    So, I went shopping for Kork-Ease at Zappos the other day. (Awesome :yahoo:-- the shoes arrive in one day and if you don't like 'em, the return shipping is FREE, but I digress...)

    The first pair I selected,
    was a slide in a natural, that I thought might coordinate with the vachetta on the Vuitton denim bag I'm carrying, but in person I didn't like the color of the leather so they're going back. They also made my size 9 foot look kinda boat-y.

    Then I ordered these,
    They are pretty comfortable! There's one piece of the leather strap that is touching my left big toe in a weird way, but I think that's either a matter of it softening up just a bit or me adjusting the buckles. And they make my legs look nice.

    But, here's the question. I'm a hip, young 47-year old who is cute, but overweight. And I am so not used to wearing something so HIGH! Are these stupid shoes for me? They definitely give me height, and the color looks good with my skin tone (on the lighter side)... but are they too silly or young? What do you think?

    BTW, I'd be wearing them to work on and off for the next few weeks (I teach 2nd grade) and then I'm off for the summer!
  2. The shoes themselves are neither silly nor too young, and they are not stupid shoes for you! It is all in how you wear them. I'd say that, depending on the woman, the shorter the pants or skirt, the riskier the shoes become. With summer pants and medium length to longer skirts and dresses, I think they will look stunning. They might even look great with capris or cropped pants (I have a hard time pulling off that look myself, but I've seen others rock it). But probably not with shorter skirts, dresses or shorts.

    But wedges are big for summer and I've heard fabulous things about the reintroduction of Kork-Ease!
  3. Those are great looking shoes 4 u. I say rock those shoes baby!
  4. Thanks girls! I had barely finished typing this post earlier today when my 13-yo DD walked into my bedroom and said, "Cool shoes, Mom. They look great on you." It was like she had read my mind! (Or my post -- which I know she hadn't.) She has very good taste and fashion sense, and she's really honest with me. So? I'm keepin' them!:yes:
  5. These remind me of shoes from back in the day. I won't say what day, but I remember them with bellbottoms. I actually saw these at Nordstrom. I like the bronzish color.
  6. Generally any height will make a woman appear slimmer. With a skirt or shorts.. dark colored shoes on lighter skin will make an appearance of a shorter leg, accentuating where the legs start and where your feet end. But with jeans, or slacks, the darker shoe will extend the leg to seem longer..Rule of thumb, skirt or shorts= nude shoes..jeans= dark shoes.