Korean Soap Operas


Dec 27, 2005
;) My sister got my daughter hooked on Korean Soap Operas. We started watching one at her house when we stayed overnight. It was called Boys Over Flowers. She now has her first official big crush on one of the actors from this show....it is just too cute. We were able to watch it on Netflix but then found the site www.dramsfever.com which gives you a huge selection of programs. We then moved on to Coffee Prince (which was OK). We now started Playful Kiss which has the actor she loves in it. We try to watch one episode a day. One thing I like is there is no sex, cursing, violence or anything inappropriate in them. So much different from US television. For tweens and young teens I highly recommend checking out this site. They are in Korean with english subtitles but very enjoyable to watch.


Be a Shoobie
Feb 4, 2009
NYC. Or Bust.
I love them! I also love the HK Dramas and the Japanese Dramas.

Boys over Flowers in Japanese version is amazing!

Some of the best Korean Dramas I have watched was: Here Comes Ajumma, Hateful But Once Again, Baby Faced Beauty, and My Princess.

Beautiful dramas, check em out when you have time.
Jan 22, 2012
Although I don't speak Korean I love watching them and so far I've watched: rooftop room cat, goong and goong s with subtitles of course but I watch it on crunchyroll.com .