korean skincare lines?

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  1. Any of you girls here use korean skincare lines? This wkn someone tried to sell me stuff from the "charmzone" and "topnews" line... it seemed ok but i have never heard of it so didnt end up buying any. I also tried this scrub from some line called Y2k or something... So have any of u tried any korean skincare lines and recommend anything specifically?
  2. Hi.
    charmzone : Company name. "Top news" is product name of Charmzone.
    They are very famous in korea,japan market good reputation and its good quality. and high price..
  3. I used Laneige and isa knox before.. both are not bad.
  4. my mom used some make product from korea once before. she got rash and pimples break out- but the dermatologist manage to fix it. im not quite sure what the brand was as my mom has thrown all the products away. but im sure there are some good products out there
  5. Just be sure to read the label.. if you dont understand the label then dont bother to purchase..after all this is going on your face. Why take a chance at products or ingredients you may not know about? Just because something is "ALL NATURAL" does not mean its good for you.
  6. I use charmzone and they are great.
  7. I have tried Enprani, Laneige, Etude, Iope, Mamonde, Missha (relatively cheap, and good for the price), The Face Shop

    I use Laneige products the most often... I find that I like some of the products in their skin care line