Korean ebay website? Feelway.com

  1. Sooo...I was just browsing this site and was wondering--is this a Korean version of eBay or the Japanese yahoo auctions site?

    Is it fairly reputable...has anyone ever used it?

    I saw some cute Chanel pieces on there but have no idea what it says or figure out how to contact the sellers either...

    If anyone could help that would be so awesome since I see some items there I have never seen on eBay....


  2. Do you think half of the people would even ship outside Korea though? Just a thought, because if they wanted to make it a global thing, wouldn't the site be in English rather than Korean?
  3. ^ :yes: i agree, they work the same way as the japanese auctions do. they only ship domestically and they do not entertain international buyers, if not they could've easily set up an eBay account and just sell there.
  4. they have many beautiful bags :love:
  5. It's comparable to eBay as in terms of reselling. But there are of course few characteristics different from eBay as well.

    First, it's not really an auction site. You could make a lower offer and such by contacting the seller, but it's mainly "Buy It Now" kind of place.

    Second, the sellers are agreed on a contract of authenticity guarantee. If found guilty of selling an imitation of any kind, the seller is resposible to pay back the buyer twice the amount he/she got for the item.

    Third, some of the bags are not actually in stock. Some sellers are running a little business with these listing and they are either run by or have a cotact in somewhere like NY, Tokyo, Paris, etc. When a buyer wants an item, then that person living elsewere would get it.

    As many listings are noted of being shipped from Tokyo or Paris, I don't think they would have much problem shipping to US. I mean they are already doing international shipping to buyers in Korea anyway! And the site itself lists contact info for those living outside of Korea, so they obviously do not intend to keep all the transactions solely in Korea.

    However, it IS targeted for Koreans, whether residing in Korea or not. You need a Korean name and ID# (similar to SS# in US) to open an account. You have an option to buy as a guest, but that doesn't make much difference since you still need that ID#, which is only given to people born in Korea.

    I'd say the easier way to get around that complication is ask a Korean friend (born in Korea, as Korean Americans are US citizens) to use his/her ID#.:sweatdrop:

    The other way to go around it would be, contacting the site company by email and ask them to set up an account for you? Some Korean sites do accept such applications, with proofs of your ID. But I am not sure how this particular site would react to such request.:shrugs:

    BTW, are you back at the States, Cory? Did you have a wonderful trip?:smile:
  6. I've heard of this site before too, and they don't have the astronomical ending fees that eBay charges. I might have to check this out seriously soon!
  7. ^^thanks...now im in search of a korean friend or someone who can access/set up an account and help me out here LOL
  8. Jus a comment here, i have asked my korean colleague to check this site. According to her, there is a risk in buy things from there as she said she ever bought something and was not able to recover her money back after she paid USD4000 to the seller. The seller disappeared after the payment was made to him/her, even this was reported to the police, till now they are not able to find the fraud seller. Therefore, she asked me to be cautious and not to take such risk.

    Anyway, GL if u really think u wanna to go to that extent.
  9. Hi, i just bought some bags from them. I live in Korea. I am actually trying to get a refund for one of the bags i bought. The seller cancelled on me after i deposited. I called their number and the automated answering machine is in KOrean. Still working on my refund
  10. They are quite good. I got a korean friend to call and they are already processing my refund
  11. People legally residing in Korea with an ARC# can also purchase on such sites. It works the same as the ID# but is issued to foreigners.

    But one thing that would likely be involved, that is a royal PITA with a foreign bank if you're in Korea, is direct depositing the payments. I don't have a Korean account so I even had to get my friend's help to use direct deposit to make hotel reservations (they wouldn't accept a credit card.) A lot of Korean websites require direct deposit and don't accept CC / Paypal or such. (and, of course, this comes with the same risks as doing direct deposit anywhere else in the world.)
  12. Do they sell fake sneakers??
  13. They don't sell fakes on this site. I buy from them all the time