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    Original Korean Article: ISPLUS 2008.05.13 07:32
    English Translation Credit: HanCinema

    From Kim Min-jeong to Kang Soo-yeon, Best 5 child actors


    The futures of many child stars were generally depressing.

    The childish image and the weight of the years were obstacles for child stars to become adult actors.

    But even among them, there are stars who have succeeded in transforming into adults. The IS Entertainment Team has picked out the best 5 actors who started out as child stars.

    The first is the heroine of "New Heart", Kim Min-jeong.

    Kim Min-jeong, who's charm comes from her big eyes, debuted in 1990 when she was eight, with MBC Best Theater "Widow". In 1992, she received the 'Child Actor Award' from KBS, received the 'Youth Award' in 1998, and received much love for her smart acting. Her official change to adult acting came in 2005 with the drama "Fashion 70s" and in 2006 with the movie "Forbidden Quest".

    Especially in "Forbidden Quest", she had a daring exposure scene, and fully separated from her innocent, childish image.

    The second is Moon Geun-yeong, who is transforming from the nation's younger sister to everyone's sweetheart. When she was 12 in 1999, she debuted in the movie "On the Road" and played the younger version of Song Hye-kyo in KBS drama "Autumn in my Heart" in 2000.

    She showed traditional images in "A Tale of Two Sisters", "My Little Bride", and "Innocent Steps". In 2006, she changed in "Love Me Not" but it failed to be a success. It seems she will undergo an official change in the drama "Painter of the Wind" to air later this year.

    The third is 'Hip-hop boy' Yang Dong-geun.

    He had been a regular child actor as much as Yoo Seung-ho but is now a 29-year-old adult actor. He adapted in the 2002 drama "Ruler of Your Own World" and 2003 movie "Wild Card". He is now showing his skill with loose and tough acting.

    The fourth is the winner of the New Actor Award at the BaekSang Awards, Jang Geun-seok. He is 21 this year, and has been a child actor in historical dramas since he was young. And he is making soft landings as he tries to change into an adult actor with movies "Chakshin Ari Final" (2006) and "The Happy Life" (2007).

    The last is Kang Soo-yeon. She is a child star that is always discussed with Ahn Seong-gi and Son Chang-min. Her official debut work was the movie "Blood Line" in 1979. She is now 42 and has 30 years of acting experience. Other child actors that have succeeded are Lee Min-woo, Song Hye-kyo, Ko Ah-ra, Noh Hee-ji, and Park Sin-hye.

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    Source: YTN STAR 2008-05-01 10:08
    English Translation Credit: HanCinema

    Look gentle but are really taekwondo black belt holders?


    There are many stars who have various talents, and there are many black-belt holders in the entertainment industry.

    Kim Ok-bin is a second degree.

    Also, Eric Moon and Son Seong-hee, Dong Bang Shin Ki's Xiah Junsu and Yunho, Hyeon Bin and Ko Soo, even Seo Tai-ji are second degrees.

    Won Bin is also a third degree.

    Female stars Hwang Bo and Kim Hye-soo are third degrees. Isn't it a little unexpected?

    Jang Woo-hyuk, Im Chang-jeong, Kim Bo-seong, and Jo In-Seong are third degrees, and Shin Hye-sung and Choi Ji-won are fourth degrees, and anyone can acknowledge their skill.

    Tiger JK has a fifth degree, and Lee Dong-joon-I, the middle-aged actor in "Ah Hyeon Dong's Madam", is a seventh degree.

    A seventh degree is almost professional level, and it is unexpected that such gentle-looking actors are black belt holders.

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    Source: StarNews 2008-04-30 09:01
    English Translation Credit: HanCinema

    Director Kang Woo-seok, "Kim Tae-hee will be recognized as an actress some day"


    Director Kang Woo-seok highly praised Kim Tae-hee's potential as an actress.

    On the 29th, Director Kang said, "Kim Tae-hee will receive recognition as an actress some day". Director Kang is known for being stingy with compliments of actors and having a sharp eye, so this seldom happens.

    Director Kang, who heads Cinema Service, came to see Kim Tae-hee on the movie "Venus and Mars". Director Kang explained that he kept his eye on Kim Tae-hee while producing director Han Ji-seung's "Venus and Mars".

    He said, "I think it had poor progress because there was some audience animosity toward the actor. They don't want to see actors famous for commercials in the theater, and there was some blind exclusion".

    "But Kim Tae-hee that I saw at filming was an actress that tried harder than anyone else. I saw her future as an actress, as she knows her weak points and tries hard".

    "In case Kim Tae-hee was in a slump because of the movie's poor progress, I even contacted her management company. I told them to not be disappointed and that she will be a great actress".

Director Kang, who is awaiting the premiere of "Kang Chul-joong: Public Enemy 1-1" on June 19, five years after "Public Enemy", said, "If it was not as good as the first one, I wouldn't have made it".

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    Source: StarNews 2008-05-13 07:58
    English Translation Credit: HanCinema

    'Sudden entrance to army' Yang Dong-geun, Reveals pictures for first time"


    Singer and actor Yang Dong-geun who entered the army on the 6th revealed his pictures for the first time.

    Yang Dong-geun entered the active service in the army on the 6th, and on the 9th, entered as a new recruit into an army division in Kangwon.

    Yang Dong-geun will be learning the basics for five weeks there, and his first pictures were posted on an army-related internet site on the 11th.

    He debuted as a child actor, and grew as a skilled actor with movies such as "Hae-jeok, Disco King" and "Fighter in the Wind". He also released a hip-hop album and was recognized as a singer.

    His management company is preparing a 'best album' for fans who have continued to show love for Yang Dong-geun.

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    (Source: The Korea Herald 2008.05.16)
    Five Korean films join Cannes fest

    The 61st Cannes Film Festival has begun with fanfare, spicing up the festive mood for moviegoers all around the world. The ebullient mood remains largely the same here in Korea, but one thing is palpably different: There's no chance of a Korean movie or actor grabbing an award in the competition section this year.

    Last year was special for the Korean film industry. Jeon Do-yeon won the prestigious Best Actress award for her impassioned role in the heart-wrenching flick "Secret Sunshine." This year, however, such a dramatic development is unlikely to occur because no Korean film has been invited to the competition section.

    But it is too early to shift attention from Korean filmmakers toward Hollywood stars. After all, five Korean movies are to be screened in various sections at Cannes, and all of them have a potential to charm foreign filmmakers, critics and media in various ways.

    At the forefront stands director Kim Jee-woon's big-budget flick "The Good, the Bad, the Weird," which is one of the official selections in the Out of Competition section. The movie, set in Manchuria in the 1930s, is one of the biggest Korean projects this year, with the star-studded cast drawing keen attention from local movie fans and critics. Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung play rebellious characters in an exotic style.


    In the Un Certain Regard section, director Bong Joon-ho's "Tokyo!" - an omnibus film produced through a Korea-Japan-France joint venture project - has been invited, and what's notable is the renowned Korean filmmaker's efforts to expand his moviemaking coverage. Bong recruited Japanese actors to portray a sense of isolation and the meaning of affection by focusing on the travails of a group of Japanese who are sidelined and shunned in society.

    In the Midnight Screenings section, director Na Hong-jin's "The Chaser" will be featured. The film, released in mid-February, emerged as Korea's top film in the first half of this year, thanks to its heart-thumping dramatization that outsmarted other competitors, including Hollywood blockbusters. The film's success came as a surprise because its budget was smaller than for other mainstream Korean films and the main actors were relatively low-profile. Defying skepticism, however, the film drew enthusiastic responses from Korean moviegoers, largely due to its fast-paced storytelling and the actors' dedicated performances.

    Also joining the Cannes program is Park Jae-ok, whose animated short, "Stop," will be featured in the Cinefondation section. Park graduated from the Korean Film Academy this year and is regarded as a promising younger-generation filmmaker.

    Kim Ki-young's 1960 masterpiece "The Housemaid" will be also screened in the Cannes Classics section.

    Some Korean filmmakers and actors have already taken steps to join the festival. To promote "The Chaser," director Na Hong-jin and main actors Kim Yun-seok and Ha Jung-woo have flown to Cannes. In particular, Ha will make it to Cannes for the third time, as he had visited the festival for his roles for Yoon Jong-bin's "The Unforgiven" (Un Certain Regard section in 2006) and Kim Ki-duk's "Breath" (competition section in 2007).

    Kim Jee-woon, Song Kang-ho, and Jung Woo-sung are scheduled to leave for France next Thursday to promote "The Good, the Bad, the Weird." Lee Byung-hun, who is working on his Hollywood debut film "G.I. Joe," will also join the team to hold a press conference and red-carpet events.

    Korean film distributors, led by CJ Entertainment, Mirovision, Showbox, Show East, and Sidus FNH, also attended Cannes, and set up their booths in the Cannes Market.

    By Yang Sung-jin

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    Source: Joynews24 2008-05-15 11:59

    Who Do 'Coming-of-Age' Women Wish to Kiss the Most?
    Survey period: May 2~14
    Participants: 252 coming-of-age women

    1. Jo In-seong 조인성 (22%)
    2. Kang Dong-won 강동원 (21%)
    3. Kang Ji-hwan 강지환 (19%)
    4. So Ji-seop 소지섭 (11%)
    5. Jang Dong-gun 장동건 (9%)

    ^ Movie "A Dirty Carnival" lead actor Jo In-seong

    Coming-of-Age Day

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    (Source:The KNU Times )
    With Extreme Tension, ‘The Chaser’

    By Kim, In-deok, Dept. of Life Science and Biotechnology,
    등록일: 2008-05-01 오후 2:19:04

    As I write, ‘The Chaser,’ directed by Nah Hong-jin, has maintained the number one position for 3 weeks, even though it is the director's first full-length film. The movie came from events of Yoo Young-cheol, who is a serial killer, and the main plot is the confrontation between the pimp, Eom Jung-ho (who used to be a cop), and Ji young-min, who is a psychotic murderer. While ‘Memories of murder’ dealt with the serial murders of Hwaseong city in the 1980s, ‘The Chaser’ deals with serial murders in the early 2000s and shows a dark side of Korean society, such as prostitution.

    The movie is set in Seoul, Korea and is about a man who is chasing somebody to prevent him from killing the final victim. There is no question like ‘Who is the criminal?,’ and ‘Can he catch the criminal?’ This is why they think ‘The Chaser’ is different from normal thrillers which handle crime or murder. Because of the story, which shows the murderer in the opening part, audiences already know who the murderer is. The focus is, therefore, on how he does to catch the murderer. The movie just concentrates on the chaser and the murderer. However, there is no time to relax during the runtime of over 2 hours, despite this simple plot. In fact, this makes the movie more interesting in my opinion.

    ▲ The Chaser
    ⓒ Photo by KNU Times

    If you watch the movie, you will know why it is so popular. ‘The Chaser’is a good example of how a well-made movie always gathers a crowd. It has all the prerequisites of a well-made thriller, such as a scenario modified 30 times by the director over 5 years, a striking display effect, and the performers’ great acting. These factors combine so effectively that we find ourselves glued to the screen, because of natural empathy between the scenario and the performers and their acting ability. Many people say Ji Young-min (Ha Jung-woo) is like a real murderer. I agree on the whole, but I want to give Kim Yoon-seok the highest marks for his performance. Kim Yoon-seok, who is famous for his portrayal of the character ‘Agui’ in the movie ‘The war of the flowers’ (Tajja), excels in the role of a pimp who used to be a cop. Thanks to him, the move came alive for me.

    Although ‘The Chaser’ has been rated for viewing by viewers aged 18 or older, its intrinsic merit was recognized well before it was released. For one thing, ‘The Chaser’ does not depend for its popularity on the appearance of a superstar. In fact, such movies with overpaid main actors have generally failed over the last 3 years, while movies like ‘Forever the moment’ and ‘The Chaser,’ that have great acting ability and good quality scripts, have been successful.

    The copyright of ‘The Chaser’was sold to Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. for one million dollars, and it is predicted that Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is considering the role of Eom Jung-ho in the remake of the movie. ‘The Chaser’ is the most attractive movie I have seen in recent months and I hope that other Korean movies, with comparable scenarios and high quality acting (without depending on overpaid the superstars), will come out in the future and be recognized all over the world.

    © The KNU Times

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    Source: Javabeans

    Wandering the Han River
    May 16th, 2008 // by javabeans


    Now, this sounds like a movie I’d watch:

    Jung Ryeo Won, 26, (My Name Is Kim Samsoon, What Star Did You Come From) has been cast opposite Jung Jae Young (My Son, Welcome to Dongmakgol), 37, in the upcoming film Wandering Mr. Kim.

    The film has attached Kang Woo Seok, described as a “Midas touch director” (Shadows in the Palace, I Like it Hot, Hwang Jini, Sarangni) as a producer. It will be directed by Lee Hae Joon, who made a splash and won Best Director at the Blue Dragon Awards with his 2006 film Like A Virgin.

    In the film, a man (Jung Jae Young) attempts suicide by throwing himself into the Han River, but instead winds up on Bamseom, a small uninhabited island in the Han River. After failing attempts to escape the island, he gradually realizes there’s hope to life as he grows accustomed to island life; the “help” he scrawls into the sand changes to “hello.”

    Jung Ryeo Won plays the socially isolated woman whom he meets while on Bamseom, and while he wanders the island alone, she wanders her small room alone, using the Internet as her sole portal to the outside world in a kind of “digital xenophobia.”

    The movie films later this year and plans for a release early next year, but first Jung Jae Young will be promoting his next release, Kang Chul Joong: Public Enemy 1-1 (in which he plays an unbalanced cop), which comes out on June 19. Meanwhile, this will be Jung Ryeo Won’s second movie after last year’s My Girlfriend Has Two Faces.

    Via Mk.co.kr, Hankyung

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    Source: Sports.khan 2008-05-15 19:43:41

    2008 Best Artists in Music, Film, Broadcasting
    Survey period: May 7~12
    Participants: 77 entertainment journalists, managers, marketers, and various entertainment industry workers

    1. Jang Dong-gun 장동건 (36)
    2. Ha Jeong-woo 하정우 (30)
    3. Song Kang-ho 송강호 (42)

    1. Jeon Do-yeon 전도연 (35)
    2. Kim Hye-soo 김혜수 (38)
    3. Son Ye-jin 손예진 (26)

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    Song Seung-heon to be in Macao for 'East Of Eden'


    Actor Song Seung-heon will travel abroad for overseas filming of MBC drama 'East Of Eden' at the beginning of June.

    In 'East Of Eden', Song Seung-heon plays Dong-cheol who is the right hand man of Korea's biggest casino owner. In order to show the process of him becoming the best card distributor (casino dealer), he will be filming for 2 weeks in internationally renowned casino in Macao.

    After news of Song Seung-heon visiting Macao leaked out, travel agencies and hotels received countless phone inquiries from 50,000 Asian fans. They would like to be stay in the same hotel at the same time as him and visit the filming locations of "East Of Eden" to support him. "East Of Eden" is Song Seung-heon's first drama in 5 years (since KBS 'Summer Scent' from summer 2003) and also his return work since completing his military duty, therefore, fans are full of anticipation. He's been preparing/working hard for the drama by undergoing 1-month training with casino's card distributor (casino dealer).

    In addition to Song Seung-heon, "East Of Eden" will include Yeon Jung-hoon, Yoo Dong-geun, Jo Min-ki, Kim Bum, etc. It is planned for broadcast during the 2nd half of 2008.

    [translation by me]

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    (source: CHOSUN May.16,2008 10:03 KST)
    Borders Blur for Director Bong as Cannes Calls for 'Tokyo!'

    Bong Joon-ho poses during a photocall for his film 'Tokyo !' at the 61st Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on Thursday. /AFP

    For Bong Joon-ho, the Cannes International Film Festival is an extra-special event. His 2006 film "The Host," which made Korean history by drawing some 13 million viewers, screened at the Directors' Fortnight series during the French film gala. It's widely believed that the strong response it received there, though not an official Cannes event, was behind the movie's huge success back home.

    Cannes smiled upon Bong again this year, inviting his latest work "Tokyo!" to screen on the opening day of the Un Certain Regard section. The omnibus film directed by Bong and two other world-famous directors, Leos Carax and Michel Gondry, has attracted keen interest. A press preview at the Salle Debussy on Thursday was packed with film reporters and critics from around the world.

    Working with the two French filmmakers was an extraordinary experience for the 39-year-old Bong. "It felt a little unreal, to be honest," he says. That's understandable considering that Carax, 48, famed for works such as "Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood)" from 1986 and "Les Amants du Pont-Neuf (The Lovers on the Bridge)" from 1991, was one of the leading directors of the 1980s, when Bong was just a young, passionate would-be director. The renowned Gondry, 45, is probably best known for his 2004 film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

    From left, French director Michel Gondry, French director Leos Carax and Korean director Bong Joon-ho pose at the photo call for the film "Toyko!" during the 61st International film festival in Cannes, southern France, on Thursday. /AP

    While some expressed disappointment that no Korean films were invited to the In Competition section of Cannes this year, "Tokyo!" offers evidence that Korean film is breaking free of nationalistic concerns. "The special effects for 'The Host' were entrusted to teams from Australia and New Zealand, so it's been a while since national boundaries have been blurred in the film world, where everything is mixed culturally and industrially," Bong said. "'Tokyo!' is no exception."

    After the interview, the director ran into Carax and Gondry in the lobby of the hotel, on their way to a final check of the film print. The three embraced, showing that here, at least, nationality has little meaning.

    (englishnews@chosun.com )

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    (source: Korea Sparkling 2008-05-16)
    'On Air’ Ends with an Emotional Propose


    The SBS drama ‘On Air’ exploded in popularity ever since it first aired on March 5th, with the final episode airing May 15th. The drama’s last scene leaves viewers, with Gyeong-Min proposing to Yeong-Eun, while Gi-Jun and Seung-Ah fly away holding hands, where the two couples of ‘On Air’, Gi-Jun (played by Lee Beom-Su), Seung-Ah (played by Kim Ha-Neul), Gyeong-Min (played by Park Yong-Ha), and Yeong-Eun (Song Yun-Ah) all see a happy ending.

    On the day Seung-Ah and Gi-Jun leave for America, Seung-Ah states in a brief interview, “Now I am really going back to being an amateur,” referring to her entering the American movie industry. Gi-Jun gives Yeong-Eun a hug as Gyeong-Min and Seung-Ah shake hands, stirring up emotions. Seung-Ah and Gi-Jun hold hands while walking to their departure gate as Yeong-Eun and Gyeong-Min see them off.

    After Gyeong-Min and Yeong-Eun sees Gi-Jun and Seung-Ah leave, the two enjoy a short date. The two had their differences working together on the drama, but Gyeong-Min takes Yeong-Eun’s hand and professes his love for her. He claims the most memorable quote in his life will be ‘it’s Seo Yeong-Eun until I die,” while giving her an engagement ring.

    ‘On Air’s’ complicated star couple Gi-Jun and Seung-Ah eventually leaves as manager and actress, man and woman. Gyeong-Min and Yeong-Eun had a hard time working together, but in the end, they find love as they see that they are each other’s halves. In the end, the viewers get what they want, as the Gi-Jun – Seung-Ah and Gyeong-Min– Yeong-Eun love lines are tied.

    The professional drama ‘On Air’ radiated with a number of cameos and unforgettable quotes, while the story brought in heartfelt love lines, as they maintained their 20% audience rating up to their final happy ending.

    PD Shin Wu-cheol + Scriptwriter Kim Eun-suk: Average Rating Comparison

    Lovers In Paris [2004.06.12 ~ 2004.08.15] - 41.3%, 42.5%
    Lovers In Praque [2005.09.24 ~ 2005.11.20] - 26.1%, 27.9%
    Lovers [2006.11.08 ~ 2007.01.11] - 17.2%, 17.8%
    On Air [2008.03.05 ~ 2008.05.15] - 20.7%, 21.8%

    [Source: TNS Media Research]

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    Source: Javabeans
    Via: Naver_Newsis

    Ha Jiwon was invited to the New Zealand embassy in Seoul to welcome Prime Minister Helen Clark on the 15th. She’s been active in promoting films from New Zealand in Korea, and vice versa (Korean films in NZ). She also films her next movie in New Zealand at the end of the year.


    Images: Newsis, linked from Daum

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    2008 Cannes Film Festival - "The Chaser" Photocall
    May 17, 2008 - Palais des Festivals
    Cannes, France

    Na Hong-Jin, director © with actors Kim Yoon-Suk (L) and Ha Jung-Woo attend the Chaser photocall at the Palais des Festivals during the 61st Cannes International Film Festival on May 17, 2008 in Cannes, France.

    Actors Kim Yoon-Suk (L) and Ha Jung-Woo attend the Chaser photocall at the Palais des Festivals during the 61st Cannes International Film Festival on May 17, 2008 in Cannes, France.

    Director Na Hong-Jin, actors Kim Yoon-Suk and Ha Jung-Woo attend the Chaser photocall at the Palais des Festivals during the 61st Cannes International Film Festival on May 17, 2008 in Cannes, France.

    Source: Wireimage

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    Source: Javabeans

    Stars raise awareness (about selves)
    May 17th, 2008 // by javabeans

    Okay, normally I’d choose to look on the bright side of something like this (there was this star campaign for domestic adoptions, for instance), but the timing — and the way the article frames the issue — is totally not even trying to hide the publicity spin.

    Five stars — Kim Rae Won, Lee Junki, Yeon Jung Hoon, Lee Wan, and Kim Jae Won — are stepping up as models in a photo exhibition to raise awareness for handicapped children in conjunction with Holt International Children’s Services. Coincidentally, they’re also currently promoting their newest acting projects. I’m sure the photo spread has nothing to do with that. But the report is quick to follow each actor’s description of his handicapped-child photo shoot with a description of his upcoming drama or project. Because it would be a shame to let such great PR go to waste.

    Like Yoon Eun Hye before him, Kim Rae Won is given particular mention for the easy, cheerful way he connected with his photo partner, 5-year-old Kim Dae Joon, who’s been afflicted with conditions since birth bearing names from hydrocephalus to cerebral atrophy, hypoxic brain injury, cerebral palsy, benign myoclonic epilepsy, and developmental retardation. (Kim Rae Won’s upcoming drama Gourmet airs on SBS. The article points out how he flew all the way from Japan, where he was busy with promotions, for the shoot. OMG! He flew in from promo work for… more promo work.)


    Lee Junki posed with a 7-month-old girl, Jeon Yoo Ha, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. (Don’t forget to tune in to Lee Junki’s Iljimae on SBS next week!)


    Lee Wan shot his photo with 14-year-old Lee Soo Hoon, who has Down Syndrome. (Lee Wan just finished filming his fourth film and is readying for his next.)


    Yeon Jung Hoon had his photo shoot with 2-year-old Kim Joon Seok, who suffered from prenatal development problems and was born with a finger deformity (only four on the right hand) and hemiplegia (the right side of his face is paralyzed — but that baby is adorable). (Yeon Jung Hoon is currently preparing for his television comeback.)


    And finally, Kim Jae Won posed with 3-year-old Yoon Dae Woon, a mentally handicapped boy with cerebral palsy who has trouble standing on his own. Apparently the boy spilled grape juice over Kim Jae Won’s white pants during the shoot, which I find inexplicably funny. It would’ve been hilarious if the photo actually showed the grape stain, but alas, it doesn’t. (To be fair, Kim Jae Won does not appear to be currently promoting his own agenda.)


    The “photo story” goes on display for three days at a gallery in Seoul starting May 29 — the gallery has its opening party on the 30th — after which the promotion goes nationwide.

    Via Asia Economy