Korean Drama

  1. I just finished watching this movie called " Millionaire's First Love".

    I am still sitting here crying because it was so sad. :crybaby:

    The movie was a LITTLE confusing to uderstand in the begining but everything came to place towards the ending.

    It's in Korean, but there are English subtitles.
    It's worth your time if you enjoy a good cry.

    Anyone, if you would like to take ur time to enjoy a good movie for the next 1.5 hours, go to this link here..
    YouTube - A Millionaires First Love Part 1 subs

    ( There are 12 parts, so after each one, just follow to the next #.)

    :sad: :crybaby:

  2. It Sounds Really Good....
  3. I didn't watch it... the reviews I read about it was that it's too much of a teenybopper movie... too unrealistic and sappy. I LOVE Hyun Bin, though... and the main actress, Lee Yeon Hee is actually quite young, but she has a lot of potential.
  4. I should show that to my mom. She loves korean dramas.
  5. well, let me jot that down......i love korean and taiwanese movies/series too! have you seen "my sassy girl"? i must've watched that til the dvd got scratched beyond repair.......honestly, i don't even know who starred in it, they were cute though....it was in korean and just had english subtitles too.....well, i'm not going into "the meteor garden 1 and 2" series......that's another long series that i truly enjoyed.....

    i do hope to watch this too! ta!
  6. Has anyone ever seen "Full House"?

  7. Has anyone seen My NAME IS KIM SAMSOON ?

    Omg, that show alone has got my hooked on korean drama and I'm not even korean. I download the episodes off the internet and each episode comes with subtitles so i'm able to understand what they are saying.Anyways back to topic....I just love the show. I loved the characters and Daniel Henney is probably the hottest korean actor I've ever seen.
  8. My family (sisters, brothers, SIL) loves it!
  9. I only saw a few episodes on TV, I kept forgetting to follow the rest.

  10. I saw My Sassy Girl, the lead actress's very popular.
    My family got hooked on Dae Jang Geum, Winter Sonata, and Full House.

    I saw a few episodes of Choi Ji-woo's Beautiful Days, she's very beautiful. She and Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima look very similar.

  11. :P
  12. Dae Jang Geum is good, REALLY good. :yes: I love the food, the medicine, and the moral of the story.:flowers:

    What I like to watch most of the time is KOREAN HORROR!! They make awesome horror films. My favorite is "Momento Mori". Excellent film!
  13. There's a good one called " Electric Car Boy"; I'm translating it literally from the Taiwanese name, that's supposed to be funny too :smile:
  14. Has anybody watched the more recent dramas? Many mentioned so far (Full House, Dae Jang Geum, Winter Sonata, etc.) are from 2 years and prior... Kim Sam Soon was a summer '05 hit, and I guess it was pretty good for the most part. I assume many die hard kdrama fans have at least seen these... and of course, "My Sassy Girl."

    Some highly recommended ones: Resurrection (aka Revenge, or "bu hwal") starring Uhm Tae Woong and Han Ji Min, My Girl [starring Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Joon Ki), Alone in Love (Gam Woo Sung, Son Ye Jin)

    Anybody seen "The Host" yet? So, far it's become the highest grossing film in South Korea, surpassing "King and the Clown"
  15. stairways to heaven! Another sad sobby love story. Kwon sang woo and Choi Ji woo make a good couple. KSW is sooooooo HOT!