KOP Trunk Show

  1. I have never been to one of LV's trunk shows..... do you have to be invited, or is it for anyone? also, is it cocktail attire, or casual? thanks
  2. I was just there today and spent $1500 and no one told me about it! When is it? I would love to know more!!
  3. one of the SA's gave me the info....it is January 31st. and i guess if its by invitation, i guess im invited because he gave me a card with the date, his name and everything....but idt it is. lol. but, yeah, he basically just told me the date. he said all of the runway bags would be there......i am totally :drool:&:love: already.
  4. u r soo lucky to be invited....please take pics if its possible...:yes:
  5. oh yeah, i will definately be taking pictures. they will have to keep me in a straight jacket to keep me from taking the bags. lol, jk. im just nervous, because i dont know how formal these things are....hmmmm?
  6. Im sure if you wear a cocktail dress with some nice shoes and a bag you will be fine. You can never really overdress, but if you end up being the only person wearing a dress its better then being the only person wearing jeans!
  7. I don't think you need a special invite to a trunk show. My SA told me the date, and the time, but no invite. She just told me to stop by on the designated day.
    Which LV store are you talking about?
  8. We were just there last weekend and she told us she was trying to arrange one but hadnt had any luck yet.

    Which SA do you deal with?
  9. its VERY casual there.I never dress up.I wear nice pants and top with heels..Thats about it.(AND of course,A killer LV bag..LOL!)
  10. What you wear depends on the type of event. If it's an event that starts after store hours with cocktails, then you can dress to the nines. If the event goes all day long and the bags are on display for anyone to see, wear whatever you like. The main thing is for you to go and have fun -- and report back to us, of course.
  11. well if ur not sure about attire a little blck dress will work in any situation
  12. As I understand it trunk shows are open to the public. I'm not sure about LV but every other trunk show I've been to is open to the public. You just have to be in the know, KWIM. They don't really advertise it, either you know or you don't.
  13. My SA called to remind me that its Thursday from 12-6pm so I thought I would bump this.

    BUT they are only getting 5 of the new bags. I dont get why they are only getting a few in, but I dont think I am going to bother going now. They probably wont have the one I have on preorder anyways.