KOP PA LV Boutique has some great things in!!

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  1. I just spoke to Jim at the LV KOP Pa boutique.

    He has in a special order Damier Noe for $1060 if anyone is interested.

    He also has in the Leopard Stephen and the embossed leather one.

    Phone number is:

    Ask for Jim only and tell him Selena referred you! :smile:

    That Noe sounds TDF!!!
  2. Thanks for the info..wow Damier Noe sounds delicious..is that for petite or large??
  3. Selena, do you think that the mono Stephen looks much smaller than the leopard Stephen? I just wondered about the size comparison. thanks
  4. Where's Irene, she would love that noe to add to her collection:nuts:
  5. damier noe???????? :drool::drool::drool: petit?
  6. hope this helps with sizes.
    stephen Mono.jpg stephen.jpg
  7. I wasnt in the store KathyD just talked to Jim on the phone. I am not sure of size comparison..but ask JILL she has seen both. :smile:
  8. I am not sure if its the petite or regular size one. If its $1060 for the special order which ever bag is retailed at around $740 would be the bag.
  9. I would love one but maybe some other time!:nuts: I've exceeded my bag budget for the next 102 years!!!:Push:
  10. LOL!!! I bet you did girl! :smile:
  11. Haven't we all...lol!
  12. mmm... I really don't like Noes, but that Damier one: :drool:
  13. Thanks for the info. Both bags are so beautiful to me. :yes:
  14. Ooooh! So pretty!
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