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  1. I was at NM at King of Prussia Mall yesterday late afternoon, and here is what I remember seeing:

    gorgeous Aquamarine GH brief!
    black GH brief!
    (think I saw a white GH brief too...)

    gorgeous Aqua matelasse medium
    FB matelasse medium

    beautiful vermillion GH hobo--nice smooth thick leather with pretty pinkish red undertone!

    amazing bleu glacier GH weekender! My son LOVED this one...on closer inspection, thought the leather might be a bit crackly in some places--but if you are all for moisturizing, gorgeous nevertheless!

    White GH day

    Black GH city

    Gorgeous aqua GH city (a bit turquoisey I believe rather than on th(e of the spectrum!) I purchased one of these the last time I was there! :yahoo:

    Truffle rh twiggy(at least, I think it was truffle...had never seen a truffle twiggy so I did a double take!)
    Truffly GH city
    Truffle rh purse

    blueberry weekender

    sapin work
    sapin purse

    smooth thick black RH work (not wrinkly or veiny)

    pretty greige almoniere (sp?) I think it was greige...loved the color!

    and more RH stuff but just can't remember them all! :sad:

    There was no way I could snap photos :supacool: because a couple of SA's were following me around with their gazes! :sweatdrop:
  2. please give me the number!!! i'm desperate for a black work with RH!
  3. pmed u! ;) hope u get it!!!
  4. thank you! i'm so bummed - i was bidding on an 05 on ebay and then i had a family emergency and was away from my computer and someone snagged it! crushed me :crybaby:

    would they send me a picture? i guess i could always return it, right? thanks again!
  5. not sure about pics...never asked them about it...but like u said, they have such a great return policy! I just remember it was on the smooth side! So, if u like the really wrinkly textured look, don't go for this one...unless u still want to try it out! And I remember checking to see if it just happened to be 05 and it was an 07 (v)!
  6. wow, did it look like it could be an 05?? with the nice thick leather?? :nuts:
  7. A blueberry weekender :nuts::wtf::nuts: OMG... I MUST resist :wtf::nuts::wtf:
  8. not sure since I haven't seen an 05 up close...but even for 05's I think there were more wrinkly ones and smoother ones...I think this one did look characteristic of 07 which I think is a good thing since I LOVE 07 leather but I just wanted to make sure since i've heard from some of u about finding 05's in NM.
  9. Thanks for info...really appreciate it~~
  10. I got an '05 Weekender from the recently and it was in flawless condition.

    Mintpearl, do you remember seeing their Emerald Work? I thought that was gorgeous and I might splurge and get one.
  11. incoral - did you get your 05 from this NM? or another one? i remember seeing your thread about it and it was TDF :drool:
  12. Got it from Tysons Galleria (Mclean, VA)...yeah, it's gorgeous and it was sitting in their stock room for a year and a half
  13. poor little b-bag! so glad you got to rescue it :P
    is it shiny or matte? i know the leather must be like a thick dreamy pillow... can you tell i've got 05 black works on my mind? LOL!
  14. ^the leather is gorgeous. It's not too shiny but not overly matte either, although I'm probably going to try and moisturize it since the leather looks a bit dry (but gorgeous nonetheless).

    I also got a Sandstone Work - and the leather on that is just amazingly thick.

    Good luck on your search, I'll keep an eye out for you.
  15. thanks incoral! and i also wanted to say a big thank you for all of your great threads regarding the upcoming trunk show AND the anatomy of a work! i always love your descriptions and incredible details - you are the best Balenciaga geek out there! :smile: