KOP Meet Up Survey

  1. I thought it may be a fun idea for everyone who wants to go to the King of Prussia meet to fill out a little survey about themself so we can all get to know each other a little before the outing.

    Marital Status:
    Number of new bags purchased in 2007:
    Favorite Bag Designers:
  2. Name: Valerie
    Location: Burlington County, NJ (Jersey suburbs of Philly)
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Marketing
    Marital Status: Single, just beginning to date a new person
    Kids: None
    Hobbies: SHOPPING (of course!), writing, Jersey shore, going out to eat, going to NYC, Philly, AC or Vegas, spending time with family and friends, indie flicks.
    Number of new bags purchased in 2007: 5
    Favorite Bag Designers: Coach, Fendi, LV, MK, MJ
  3. Name: Sheila
    Location: Camden County
    Age: Having a birthday this coming up Friday!
    Occupation: Graphic Designer / Graphic Artist
    Marital Status: Yes
    Kids: 1
    Hobbies: Art, fashion, nature, animals
    Number of new bags purchased in 2007: 16, is that too many?! I did sell some!
    Favorite Bag Designers: LV...is there another designer?
  4. Name: Margie
    Location: North Jersey
    Occupation: Manager of a small company (owned by my boyfriend)
    Marital Status: Single (does boyfriend count?)
    Hobbies: Travelling & Music
    Number of new bags purchased in 2007: 7 Louis Vuittons, 1 Chanel & 1 Dior
    Favorite Bag Designers: LV
  5. I LOVE that you got 16 new bags!! I am so jealous :tup:

    Long live Jersey girls and their shopping habits