KOP lunch, champagne, H.....

  1. I am just back from a lovely afternoon with DQ and Ninja Sue. No one left empty handed. Ninja Sue tried on some luggage (see pic) . Here are some tasters....
    KOP1a.jpg KOP2a.jpg
  2. you all look great!!!thank you for posting pictures.
  3. GREAT pix Rose! I LOVE that LDP scarf on you! Just gorgeous! DQ--love the pearls and is that a Sac Mallette (sp?) I see?? :love: NS--looking fab with your mini-Kelly--adorable! Wait...no one left empty-handed?? Alright ladies...time to spill!
  4. Ack!!!! I was there too today! Ninja Sue - isn't this the second time I missed you??

    What else did you all get???? Do tell....
  5. Great pics!
  6. Wow, more fun ladies! I can't wait to see what else you ladies got!!!
  7. Another lovely lunch with friends. Two in two days - I'm on a roll! A couple glasses of champagne and DQ, Rose and I were chatting like old friends. We had great fun shopping, but I made no major purchases today. I came home with a full-size Legende Kuna scarf in the blue (with orange) colorway, a Jardin Sur Le Nil twilly in the green color way and a bottle of Hiris perfume.

    DQ, on the way home, I turned out of your driveway onto the street and the bottom of my car fell out! I drove home with tons of plastic dragging and sparking. Scared the #!$&==$! out of me. But, I got home safely and am now gloating over my new treats!!

    FF, I should have emailed you to meet us for lunch. Next time, definitely. So, whatcha buy?
  8. OH I am glad you girls had fun!! What can be better than Hermes, Champagne and friends who share your passion? Nada!! You all look great!!
  9. I went all out and bought....a scarf ring! :p:shame: Hey - I didn't have one and "needed" it! Also just exchanged my agenda refills...picked up 2006 instead of 2007...duh!

    Glad you're home safe! Love Hiris!
  10. Thank you ladies!

    I had a major 'indecision day' today. I have always lusted after the massai bag but had resigned myself to thinking that it probably would not be the right 'fit' for me. I tried the PM on today, and I fell in love. It felt just right and they had it in the color I wanted. Just before I made the final decision, I decided to try on a Bolide-TDF!! Unfotunately did not have one in black or it would have come home with me. Then they bought out a Kelly from the back:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    NO BAG FOR ME TODAY.... just could not make up my mind.:rolleyes:

    However, I did get a couple of 'treats'....

    a bicolor pochette ring and a clarissa GM
    KOP3a.jpg KOP4a.jpg
  11. What color was the massai?
  12. Rose looked beyond awesome with the Massai, Bolide and Kelly. So, dearest Rose, are you going to call back and get the Massai?
  13. Still :confused1: will sleep on it.
  14. It was black (suprise, suprise!).
  15. Great pics!!! DQ you brought out the Sac for a spin!!! Yay! :wlae:
    You all look lovely, what a great trip!