Kop Does Not Heat Stamp!!!

  1. Can you believe that the store in King of Prussia, PA (2nd largest mall in the US) does NOT heat stamp!!! I called and they said no! I didn't know if the woman just didn't know what it meant or not. Anyone from Philly/PA that goes to KOP and actually had it done?
  2. I asked my SA at the KOP store before and she told me it would take two weeks to get it done. So maybe they don't have the machine to do it there, but can send it to another store? The KOP mall IS large, but the LV boutique is relatively small. I would understand if they don't have the equipment there.
  3. is heat stamping free?
    or no?
  4. Free and some boutiques have to send it out for heat stamping...
  5. I thought only larger stores were the only ones that had a heat stamping machine? :shrugs:
  6. Would it still 2 weeks to heat stamp?
  7. If your store doesn't have a heat stamp machine, they send it off and usually take about 2 weeks.

    If your store does have a heat stamp machine, it depends how busy they are... but it usually takes 15-20 mins?
  8. thats kinda weird....
  9. anyone know if the atlantic city store does? if not i'll have to take it all the way to new york...
  10. I have never inquired about heat stamping there, but my experience with that boutique has been nothing but horrible.
  11. I live in Media(close to KOP) and I'm bummed because I was planning to get my next purchase heat stamped there. I guess I'll go to NJ.