Koolaburra or Ugg??? Need Advice

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  1. my pair of Uggs are really dirty (Sand) so I was considering ordering a pair of Koolaburras (sp?) as a replacement. What are your opinions on Koolaburras, are they more exclusive than Uggs (bc everyone has Uggs…)? I would just be buying the plain tall ones in black (most likely) and wasn’t sure if spending the money was worth it for something that was considered “not as good as Uggs” or just “Ugg look alikes” u know?! Basically, all opinions welcome on the brand, etc. Thanks

    btw I won't actually see them in person because I'm ordering online so any advice on what color I should get and sizing is awesome too!
  2. I have both Uggs and Koolaburras and the Koolaburras are FAR superior in quality to Uggs. The sheepskin is much thicker, they survive rain and snow better and best of all you can buy replacement sheepskin inner soles and can wash the ones in the boots
  3. should I size down like with Uggs?
  4. No not at all, these run TTS
  5. cool! thanks!
  6. cool! I'm going to look into these boots, I'd never heard of them
  7. i still like uggs! i know u see them everywhere but i live in mine in the winter

  8. Same here!! I'm sending back two pairs of (unworn) Ugg Australias to Zappos because Koolaburra are MUCH better and are *gasp* actually made in AUSTRALIA!! :smile: I like KoolaburraBeach.com.
  9. I just got a pair of Koolaburras and I love them. But I never owned a pair of Uggs so I can't compare. I am an 8.5 American. Since they are only full size they recommend going up. The nine fit beautifully.
  10. Do Koolaburra not run big like Ugg Australia? I am usually a UK 7/US 9.5 and wear 8 in Ugg Australia classic boots. What would I be in Koolaburra?
  11. I'm an 8.5 US and I ordered the 9. They fit perfectly. And so comfy! Don't know about ugg. Sorry
  12. I love my uggs, but haven't tried koolaburra
  13. Wow I live in Oz and haven't heard of Koolaburra, will have to look into them :smile:
  14. I LOVE my Uggs, but I am dying for the fringe Koolaburras
    like Lauren Conrad - they are adorable! :tup:
  15. Kitty: I'd get size 10 in Koolaburra. I wear an 8 in Uggs and am a size 9. The Koolaburra 10's were only a smidge too big so if you're inbetween sizes I recommend going up (the website I ordered from recommends it too). :smile:

    I got the Classic Talls in pale pink. I'm tall and I love that they come up higher than Uggs and they're softer and have a nicer nap. I'm officially a convert!! :heart: