KooKie's Collection!

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  1. I've finally gotten a chance to gather my collection up and have a photoshoot!! So here are my babies!!

    -Gucci & Vuitton
    -my Vuitton bags
    -Vuitton accessories
    CollectionSM.jpg VuittonSM.jpg AccessSM2.jpg GucciSM.jpg
  2. beautiful collection! I love the pink gucci!
  3. Here are my Coach's

    -Entire Coach Collection
    -My Limited Edition Coach's
    CoachSM.jpg CoachLmtSM.jpg
  4. My Kate Spade's
  5. My Hermes Pocket Scarves:
    Les Triples !
    HermesSM.jpg BlueSM.jpg WhiteSM.jpg PinkSM.jpg
  6. Now.. These are my Vuitton's separated by collection:

    -Epi Red (new Red) Jasmin
    -Mono Mat Shelton Noir & Fowler Violet
    -Mono Mini Josephine TST Khaki & Lucille Noir
    -Mono Trouville, Mizi, Klara and Speedy 25
    -Vernis Perle Malibu Street, Pomme D' Amour Flat Pouch & Pomme Pochette Wallet
    EpiSM.jpg MatSM.jpg MonoMiniSM.jpg MonoSM.jpg VernisSM.jpg
  7. love it, thanks for the pics
  8. greatcollection!
  9. Love your LV´s and H scarves!
  10. great collection!
  11. Loves it! :love:
  12. Love your Gucci's!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  13. you have a lovely collection
  14. Love the Hermes pocket scarves :yes:
  15. Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!!!