Koodos S/S07 Chloe Collection Sale

  1. Thanks! Sounds good!
  2. Thanks! Is this an authentic site? Never heard of them:confused1:
  3. Neither have I, but I was hoping that a fellow tPFer could tell us!
  4. Yes they are authentic but the sale is rubbish! Most of the original prices are way above retail, they are saying the Edith retails at £995 when it's on NAP for £659!
  5. Thanks for the info mooks!
  6. Plus they are saying SS07 when the black paddington has the brown lock from last year!
  7. All in all it's a waste of time, maybe they started believing their own hype and thought they could get away with over inflated prices
  8. Thanks for enlightening us, mooks! As always, I knew that another tPFer would be familiar with the site. I looked at their prices this morning, and I concluded the prices were quite high. I
  9. Me either - no experience w/ them whatsoever.
  10. I am the CEO of koodos and I wanted to respond to the posts concerning our prices. It is true that the retails on the Chloe are quite high. I can assure you that we offer prices as low as we can to our customers. If we could offer lower prices we certainly would. As it was, because we had such limited quantities, the Chloe Private Sale sold out in 12 hours.

    In terms of the original prices that we quote, we confirm the original prices by going into shops and checking them; when we state on our site that the original price is X, it is because we have been in the shops in the past few weeks and can attest to that price. In many cases online prices vary. In fact, we had a comment posted on our site about the Edith bag in question, and can confirm that the NAP price was much lower than the price in the shops (but still hundreds of pounds higher than our price). Thanks to that smart shopper who took the time to give us feedback, going forward, we will broaden our research on original pricing.

    We so appreciate the feedback from the forum. And while it doesn't feel great to hear that some people think our sale was not what they had hoped, we know that smart shoppers who are in tune to great quality and true brands are what we are all about. Great forum, keep giving the feedback.

    Miriam Lahage
  11. Thanks for posting Miriam. It's good to know that e-tailers do in fact listen to us especially when we are all obviously such keen shoppers.

    And it was actually me that e-mailed you with regard to the cost of the Edith on NAP
  12. Mooks, are you in the UK?? We should start a koodos panel with savvy shoppers like you on it...:idea:
  13. Yes I am in the UK and would be happy to help :tup: