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  1. Hi

    Please can someone tell me if this website sells authentic bags?
  2. There are girls here who have bought from Koodos without problem. There was also a girl the other week who bought a bag - no issue on authenticity really - but the condition wasn't ideal. She did return for refund.
  3. Dear Lescoy,

    As moderator, I hope you don't mind me responding in my koodos capacity to reassure your members.

    When sourcing our products, we ensure each product is genuine, and originates from an authentic brand. We insist on seeing all original documentation back to source, and for added peace of mind, we also have an authenticity and returns guarantee whereby if a customer is not happy with the bag, they can return it to us free of charge. In this way we hope we give you the reassurance of shopping for your favourite bag brands.


    Will Cochrane
    Customer Service Manager, koodos.com
  4. ^^ I don't think authenticity has ever been questioned with regard to Koodos.com - however, we cannot list as an 'authorised stockist' as such.

    Our Chloe Reference Library is being updated - and I am happy to add koodos.com as a reputable stockist -

    In every case where items are sold from a website - which might not normally carry the range as 'the norm' there may be questions raised with regard to authenticity - sourcing. There have been issues in the past with some sites which offer Chloe from a 'grey market'. We of course want to ensure that our members are not subject to this - but in the time I have spent on the Forum - there has not - to my recollection - ever been a question of non-authenticity linked to koodos.com.

    Hope that clarifies.
  5. I don't know they are authentic or not. Because I ordered and paid for the bags for nearly 3 month now and still haven't got the bags. I think I would report them to the police.
  6. A point of note -

    There has recently been an issue with Balenciaga handbags - sold via www.koodos.com

    I have personally seen one - and it is NOT authentic. It has been checked by several Authenticators - and also by a further TWO Authenticators - and deemed fake.

    Please - if anyone has bought recently from www.koodos.com - it might be prudent to have your item checked for authenticity.

    I am aware that staff from this company are Forum members - and it would be interesting to hear their comments in this regard.

    This is NOT an isolated case -