koodos.com - Gucci private sale now on

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  1. http://www.koodos.com/icat/privatesale

    there are a couple of nice looking bags in their sale, its worth signing up for and looking at.

    as far as i am aware these are authentic products i've an authentic bag from the site ~ and it has been authenticated for me. you girls will know anyway! (~ although i do tend to stick to gucci on sloane street :smile: )

    the site gets good write ups and reviews in mags like cosmo. etc.
  2. Am glad I got a notification for this -have bought a punch hobo bag!
    Was going to go down to an outlet to look for a classic style but know they are harder to come by so am pleased!!

    They have another sale sunday for the more newer 'classics' britt and another one I think....

    I looked at 10.05 today and got the last one, so they sure went quick!!
  3. well done you! I brought the very same when there were only 2 left at 10.02 ...lol!! :sweatdrop:
    they have sold out of everything now ... delivary is always really quick too!!

    ... i should've kept it a secret :graucho: they dont normally have two a month but we are lucky this month
  4. Please post all sales in the GUCCI SALES thread only!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.