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  1. Recently i just found koodos has added a few rare Bbags in ther summer sale...which you may wanna have a look...juz a few, Bauletto, Bowling, Tracolla!

    they are almost up to 40-60%!

  2. I have used Koodos a couple of times for jeans and the service was pretty good.
    Are these prices good for those styles?
  3. i am not sure if its extremely good, but i think their price pretty good and they have also got other designer bags on sale like chloe, marc jacobs etc. some of their items are maybe abit less common, but i was told they are authentic and ELLE, Grazia magazines...has introduced them before...

    they often has "private sale' which you could sign up and you can have secret sale before the bags are on sale!!:smile:
  4. i never see them putting up Bbags before i usually browse viewing Chloe but im surprised this summer sale they release few Bbags and Marc Jacobs , Jimmy Choo private sale is coming soon...!!
  5. thanks -
    I saw them mentioned in Grazia too.

    the stuff I got before is legit product and was at half price - so I may well go for this too.
  6. I don't know they are authentic or not. Because I ordered and paid for the bags for nearly 3 month now and still haven't got the bags. I think I would report them to the police.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.