Kooba's were EVERYWHERE this weekend!

  1. I know a lot of you have been searching for the darker color Sienna's. Wish I had your phone numbers today! I was at NM Last Call in Orlando and there were Kooba's galore. There were Raisin Sienna's, Black Pebbley Siennas, Brown Embossed Sienna's. There were close to a dozen bags and I couldn't even find the names of some of them! There was even an odd one that had pieces of wood stitched together!

    NM Last Call also had a brown Carla but it didn't look as good as the one I bought a few weeks ago. I had never seen so many Sienna's in one place and I was amazed at how stiff the leather was on them. The Moss Sienna I had, had really soft, smooth leather. These felt like you could run over them with a truck and they would survive!

    Anyhow, I don't have their phone number but it is the Neiman Marcus Last Call off International Drive in case someone wants to call for a bag.

    The Off Fifth in Ellenton, FL and the one in Ft. Lauderdale also had Kooba's this weekend.

  2. Hmmm wood stitched? I want to see that!
  3. Ha! Didn't get it! Couldn't find the name although it was a Kooba bag!

  4. No i was just saying how i;ve never seen a kooba with wood used and I think it would be interesting like on the handle or something. And I would like to see it. But I think you might be referring to woven leather that was sported on the braedon and ada awhile back.

    Was this along the lines of something that was there?
  5. can't see the pic!
  6. Were they on sale?
  7. Did you see how much they were charging for the Siennas?
  8. This was it!
  9. Hi Shewolfy & Sarahsar -

    Yes, they were on sale. I think for the most part they were between $267 and high 3's. Nothing in the 400's. I think all the Sienna's were priced differently which was odd.
  10. There was another style that I'm not familiar with and they had it in both brown and black. It was double handled and seemed like a "round" opening at the top. It was whip stitched with thin pieces of the same color leather. I can't find a pic that matches it though. Sorry.
  11. Hmmm...interesting.....:s Which were the highest priced, do you recall by any chance...???:confused1:
  12. Wow - and I thought all the raisin Siennas were gone!!!
  13. I wish I could remember but the prices were ALL over the place. There didn't seem to be any reason to them! $267 sticks in my head though. Like I said, there were at least 5-6 different styles of Kooba's there. I guess I should have made a list!!!

    I would call the store and say that you saw the Raisin Sienna (or whichever one you want) in there yesterday and wanted to know the price.
  14. Off 5th San Diego had Lena and Sloane in bark, honey and black yesterday with extra 20% off, price came to approx $300. They also still have cream color Sienna and a flap style bag that I forget name of (that one was a bit less $)
  15. Gretchen