Koobas wear & tear

  1. How would you rate how they age? Do they get better and better? Does the leather get softer? Stain easily? Change color? Fade? darken? How does it hold up season to season? Thanks. :flowers:
  2. i love that question and am awaiting a response, i was looking into buying a Kooba in the near future!
  3. My Sienna is great. It's a real dark brown but it's the distressed leather so as it wears it looks even better.
  4. I've only had my Kooba Lena since Christmas '06 but I can tell you that it seems to hold up very well under the use I give it. It got rained on one day and didn't get any water stains. I love the Kooba leather and I expect that it would last for many years. It seems to be the quality of leather that might darken a bit with age, but it will have a lovely soft patina. At least that's based on my experience with similar leather goods. Having never owned a Kooba before I can't say for sure. But I'm confident it'll be in my wardrobe for at least 20 years! LOL!

    I just ordered the Kooba Paige and later this spring or summer I'm going to buy the new Elisha. I feel good about this line's quality.
  5. Both my Nisha in moss and my Frankie in cream have held up very well-love Kooba bags!:jammin:
  6. I am still a newlywed to Kooba:heart: so am anxious to see the answers posted here.

    I would also like to know, do you worry about your handbag in the rain, do they waterstain?

    And how do you take care of your bag?
  7. my sienna is my everyday bag and i have had it for over a year. it's been through plane rides, carry laptops, clothes, overstuffed and everything. its still in great shape except the edges and corners are worn but that's from my mistreatment most likely =)
  8. love my koobas and no problems with them! just got another one!
  9. None of my Koobas have any sign of wear. I am really anal on how I care for them, where I sit them, who I let touch them (LOL), so all of mine look practically new.

    I could pass off my oldest Kooba as a brand new bag if I was deceiving. They are pretty rough and tough bags.
  10. So far, both my Koobas (Lucy and Brynne) are holding up well. I haven't had them for too long though, but so far so good.
  11. I have the Sienna in desert and this colour doesn't hold up very well. It stains easily and even though I just carried her not more than 10 times, the handles darken and look dirty.
    I would never ever buy a light coloured Kooba again.
  12. Lexie,

    Please tell us how you care for your Koobas to keep them looking so nice.
  13. I store them in their own special individual box in my purse closet. I sometimes hang them on special hooks I bought for them. But they are never exposed to light. I don't sit them in direct sunlight anywhere (windows). I don't sit them on table tops or floors. They sit on the car seat next to me (never on the car floor). No children touch them and not many adults except my husband. I clean them with my Balenciaga cleaner if I think they are dirty but they really don't get dirty. If they get water on them, I blow dry them and then buff. I don't leave exposed make-up in them. I never put them in a shopping cart.
    I'm just so ultra protective of them. When I started buying them I kept thinking "I've got 600.00 on my arm". When I buy something for that much I want to keep it nice. My husband thinks I am insane but when I paid 125 to have that coffee spill cleaned he stopped raggin me about it.
  14. i have a kooba...red in color...i forget the style name now...its a couple years old...i took it out in the rain and it got speckled...but kooba was great...i sent it back and they sent me a totally new bag! so i would be weary of certain styles
  15. Exactly. My sienna is a dark distressed soft leather so I pretty much treat it like **** and it still looks great. On the other hand my Nisha is a light smoother leather so I try to be more careful. That said though a drop of rain or two hasn't really hurt it.